11 best Old money sunglasses for men and women

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Old money sunglasses: These timeless frames give off a combination of elegance and carelessness. With lots of ways to style them, timeless sunglasses are a crucial old money accessory. 

So, come to find out more about the essentials of old money sunglasses as well as some examples of which types of sunglasses represent quiet luxury the best.

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Essentials of old money sunglasses

As the sunglasses featured in this list should represent a timeless aesthetic, they should match certain criteria. To represent old money, let’s look at 3 criteria that have to be fulfilled if you decide to choose some timeless sunglasses on your own.

Timeless frames

Timeless frames are a crucial component of old money sunglasses. Not only do they make a pair of those look elegant and…well: timeless, but they also make a great and versatile accessory you can wear with almost any old money outfit. Some typical frames are:

  • Aviator
  • Wayfarer
  • Round
  • Square
  • Clubmaster
  • Cat-eye
  • Rectangle
  • Oversized
  • Butterfly


This component of old money sunglasses probably is the most important one. UV protection ensures the guard from the harmful UV rays that can seriously damage your eyes if you look into the sun for too long. Many cheap sunglasses do not provide this protection and therefore give you a false feeling of security. So, check if your sunglasses do provide UV protection so you don’t damage your eyesight.

High-quality materials

High-quality materials are another crucial component of old money sunglasses. You will find materials like acetate, metal, buffalo horn, or high-quality plastic to be used in old money glasses. These high-quality materials ensure a great fit and some durability so they don’t break as easily.

Old money sunglasses presented

Now, let’s look at some old money sunglasses you can wear for a timeless and elegant style. Some of them can be worn by men and women, others are gender-specific.

YSL Eyewear Sulplice D-Frame

YSL is maybe one of the most famous old money brands. With a timeless appeal and an elegant look, the YSL Eyewear Sulplice D-Frame sunglasses offer a variety of ways to wear them.

These butterfly sunglasses are a symbol of timeless elegance. With a rather high price of about $300, they are also a little more expensive but therefore will look great on any man and woman.

Chanel butterfly sunglasses

Another pair of butterfly sunglasses that looks a little more rounded and peaceful are the Chanel butterfly sunglasses. This timeless frame is the typical one I associate with the old money aesthetic. 

You can wear those to a formal as well as casual occasion and they will match any outfit perfectly. They do have a feminine touch that makes them a lot different from the first pair. They do cost about $400 which makes them a little more expensive but also more rare.

Dior sunglasses

Here, you can see some sunglasses from dior. Very old money-like!

CDIOR S1l: These timeless square frames offer a great look with a little additional luxury. A golden hinge and golden lettering make quite nice details that will set you apart from others. This rather chunky pair of frames for women will set you back about $650.

DIORBLACKSUIT S12I: These square masculine frames offer a minimalistic approach to an otherwise chunky appeal. Made from biological acetate and with grey glasses, they offer a timeless accessory for men. They also “only” cost about $350.

Dolce & Gabbana Old money Sunglasses

This images compare two timeless shades from Dolce& Gabbana.

DG Crossed: The DG crossed butterfly sunglasses by Dolce & Gabbana are an elegant staple at a reasonable price. For about $230 you can get yourself those fine sunglasses that work extraordinarily well with a blazer and a skirt.

Diagonal Cut: The Diagonal Cut aviator sunglasses offer a timeless fit for men. You can wear them to an old money summer outfit like a combination of a linen shirt and some flowy pants. For about $270, they are all yours.

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Medusa Deco Versace sunglasses

The Medusa deco rectangle sunglasses are a little different and more edgy compared to the previous ones on this list. Nevertheless, they still offer a careless aesthetic with an elegant touch. For about $300, you can get yourself those feminine old money sunglasses.

Runway Prada sunglasses

Elegant and extraordinary: Those two words describe the runway sunglasses from Prada best. These frameless glasses with metal and yellow gold make a great appearance on a formal occasion. For about $450, you can get yourself some.

Britton Sunglasses: Kate Spade

The Britton sunglasses are some of the few round ones with a leopard pattern that still looks old money. These are primarily made for casual occasions and can be easily combined with seamless summer outfits. For approximately $200, they are all yours.

Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses

Here, you can see some aviator sunglasses from Ray Ban.

If Ray-Ban is known for one thing, it is their aviator sunglasses. With a variety of different models and typically made of high-quality metal, those fine old money sunglasses offer a timeless look. They are my personal favorites and range from $120 to $220.

Giorgio Armani sunglasses

These sunglasses by Giordio Armani represent quiet luxury great.

Panto sunglasses: The panto sunglasses for women from Armani are made with a round frame and of biological acetate. This timeless classic in black has a very basic design you can wear to any outfit and occasion. The costs are $350.

Pillow sunglasses: These old money sunglasses for men come in a square frame and are also made of biological acetate. Again, the plain design makes them a go-to old money accessory for any outfit you want to spice up a little. Price-wise, we are at about $330.

Miranda Oversized Soft Square Sunglasses: Tom Ford

You want something out of the box? Meet these unique sunglasses from Tom Ford. With its oversized frame and a fashionable and modern approach to the old money aesthetic, this accessory is a perfect fit for an extraordinary outfit. For $450, they are all yours.

Serpenti sunglasses: Bulagry

These elegant sunglasses offer a seamless fit and an elegant appearance. With a square frame, acetate, and golden and jewel details, this pair of sunglasses is a luxurious but basic staple for a woman’s wardrobe. For $350, you can get yourself those old money sunglasses in a black shade.

Final thoughts on old money sunglasses

As you can see from this article, old money sunglasses offer a timeless and elegant fit with a variety of outfits to complement.

Whilst these featured ones are rather expensive, you can get yourself some cheaper ones looking similar to those in this list. With the 3 crucial components of old money sunglasses, you will have it easy to find a model that suits you well.


What are the best brands for old money sunglasses?

The best brands for old money sunglasses are Dior, Chanel, and Yves-Saint-Laurent.

What are the best old money sunglasses for women?

The best old money sunglasses for women are the YSL Eyewear Sulplice D-Frames and the CDIOR S1l.

What are the best old money sunglasses for men?

The best old money sunglasses for men include the DIORBLACKSUIT S12I and the aviator sunglasses from Ray-Ban.

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