12 Classic outfits for men & women

A man and women wear classic outfits: He wears a black suit with a white button-down shirt. She wears a black dress.

With any piec of classic clothing, you can create a unique classic outfit you will look astonishing in. As a matter of fact, we will look at classic outfits for you to copy so can look your absolute best. Therefore, this list will be split into classic outfits for women and men

To cover a variety of classic outfits, this article will include outfits from other types of classic styles like the urban classic style. If you want to learn more about different types of classic styles, check out my article about the 5 most famous types of classic style.

Classic outfits for women

We will start this article with classic outfits for women. The classic style for women contains lots of clothes that are on the more formal side. Skirts, blazers, button-down shirts, and tailored pants are typical clothes for these outfits. For a more in-depth look at classic clothes for women and how to style them, check out my article about the classic style for women. 

In general, this style should portray elegancetimelessness, and sophistication which the outfits must contain. 

Now let’s get started!

1.     Formal power

If you attend a formal meeting, you need to feel and look powerful to stand out and assert dominance. Therefore, you need an outfit you not only feel powerful and comfortable in but also one that reaches a certain degree of formality. 

For this outfit, you will need to combine a blazer with a button-down shirt. Either you can wear an elegant skirt or a pair of tailored dress pants to complement that powerful look. Opt for neutral colors like black, brown, or navy. For shoes, ballet flats or pumps will work perfectly. To finish your style, wear accessories like a watch, a bracelet, a necklace, or a purse but keep them minimalistic and high-quality.

If you want to get to know more about matching accessories, check out my article about classic accessories.

A woman wears a suit and holds a cup of coffee and a laptop.
Source: Freepik/gartesvisual

2.     Elegant dress

If you attend a social event that is on the formal side, a simple black dress will do a great job of making you look not only elegant but also bossy. This classic piece of clothing makes a perfect outfit for a formal occasion you will not want to wear the first outfit for. 

To complete the outfit, opt for pumps or ballet flats in a neutral color like black, navy, or beige. Also, you can wear sandals if the occasion and weather will let you do it. 

For accessories, you should again aim for a purse or a bracelet. If it is reserved, a necklace will work as well. For a rather casual occasion, you can put on some sunglasses.

A woman wears a black maxi dress and red pumps.
Source: Freepik/javi_indy

3.     Urban classic outfit

For an outfit, you will want to wear on a casual occasion, the perfect choice is an urban classic outfit. Therefore, a simple black or white T-shirt, paired with a pair of blue jeans will do a great job. Moreover, you should incorporate some clean but appealing shoes like boots or sneakers.

As an additional layer, a trench coat will do a great job. Beige or khaki are the colors you will want to wear here. If it is a hot summer day, sandals will work and the additional layer can be dismissed. 

For accessories, you can wear a purse, a braceletsunglasses, or a necklace. If you want to know more about this casual style, check out my article about the urban classic style

A woman wears a pair of white boots, a pair of jeans, and a trench coat. As an accessory, she has got a leather purse.
Source: Freepik/senivpetro

4.     The black-and-white look

As the headline already gives away, this outfit will solely focus on two colors: black and white. You can wear this one on almost any occasion depending if you dress it up or down. You will want to wear a skirt or well-tailored pants or jeans. Additionally, a top or blouse in the same color will be a perfect match. For overwear, a leather jacketblazer, or coat will be a great option depending on if you want to dress up or down. 

If it is too hot for overwear, make sure to not wear the same colors with the top and bottom.

For shoes, bootssneakers, or ballet flats will do the deal. Pumps are also a good option. 

As accessories, a hat, a bracelet, or some rings will look great in this style as well as sunglasses

This outfit is inspired by the natural classic style, which you can check out here for a full-depth view. 

A woman wears a classic outfit: She wears a white skirt, a white top, and a leather jacket. Also, she holds a black hat.
Source: Freepik/Prostooleh

5.     Summer outfit

When it gets hot during summer, you will want to wear fitting clothes. Therefore, light fabrics like cotton, linen, or cashmere will be a great option. A midi skirt with a blouse or a top in neutral colors is only one of the summer looks that will look great on you. This one fits formal occasions more.

For more casual ones, a dress with patterns like geometric shapes or flowers will also be a great option for a simple and casual classic summer outfit. 

The third classic summer outfit is about layering. Even though it can get pretty warm during the summer, you will need to be protected from the sun. A simple top with a linen shirt above is a great option for this and will also cool you down a bit. Shorts or a skirt in neutral colors like beige, white, or navy will complement this outfit perfectly. 

For all three outfits, a straw hat, a pursesunglasses, and a bracelet will be great accessories to wear. 

6.     Unicolored suit

Lastly, we will look at a statement outfit. This one derives from the elegant classic style but can also be seen in dramatic classic fashion. 

For this classic outfit, you will need a unicolored suit in a rather neutral color like navy, beige, black, or grey. You can pair this one with some high heels, sandalspumpsor ballet flats. The shoes should be rather reserved to not steal the show for the suit. 

As accessories, a pursesunglasses, a watch, or a bracelet will be a great option. 

A woman wears a suit in navy blue. She also holds a purse and therefore wears a classic outfit.
Source: Freepik/marymarkevich

Classic outfits for men

For men, the classic style offers some timeless and elegant clothes that make up great outfits. From button-down shirtsblazerssweaters, and well-tailored trousers to polo shirts and chinos, everything is included. If you want to know more about these clothes and how to style them, check out my article about classic men’s clothing. 

As just classic outfits would be not that interesting, we will also include some of the different types of classic styles, just like with the outfits for women. 

Now let’s get started!

1.     Powerful suit

For formal occasions, the classic clothes do not differ that much from the women’s. If you want to be in a powerful position and assert dominance, a well-fitting, tailored suit is the perfect option for you. 

Underneath, a button-down shirt is a great option. For colors you will want to wear neutral ones like white for the button-down shirts and black, navy, or brown for the suit. According to the level of formality, you can either wear white sneakers to your outfit or black or brown dress shoes.

For accessories, a watch, a ring, and a pocket square with neutral colors and not-that-extraordinary patterns will be great options.

A man wears a suit with checks and holds a cigar.
Source: Freepik

2.    Sporty formal outfit

For a rather casual to somehow formal occasion, this outfit will be the perfect choice. You will either need a pair of dress pants or chinos for that. The colors for that can be brown, black, and navy. Additionally, you should either opt for a T-shirt in neutral colors like black, white, navy, or beige. Depending on your physique, it can sit rather tight, or if you don’t want that, a bit looser.

Also, you will need loaferssneakersboots, or dress shoes as your footwear. If you want to dress this outfit up, you can swap the T-shirt for a button-down shirt

For accessories, a nice watch with a leather strap as well as sunglasses will look great. Also, a belt will add some texture to your outfit and embrace that timeless silhouette. For overwear, a coat, or a leather or bomber jacket will work.

A man wears a white T-shirt that sits tight. Also, he wears some grey dress pants and a watch.
Source: Freepik/Racool_studio

3.     Urban classic outfits

For more casual occasions, urban classic outfits are perfectly suited. For the first one, you will need a colorful T-shirt and a pair of chinos or jeans. Then, you will want to wear a jacket as an additional layer to create interest and also wear a neutral-colored belt

For the second outfit, a turtleneck sweater in neutral colors like grey, black, white, beige, or navy will be perfect. Also, you will want to wear chinos or jeans for this one too. You can either wear it with a coat above or if you want to dress up, a blazer. Also, you can swap the chinos and jeans for a pair of dress pants

For the third outfit, a denim jacket is the main piece you want to focus on. Depending on the weather, you can either wear it with a sweater or a shirt underneath. For trousers, jeans and chinos are good options.

With all outfits, you will want to wear sneakersloafersboots, or even dress shoes as your footwear. For accessories, rings, a watch, a hat, and a bracelet will work. 

4.     Polo outfit

For this particular outfit, you will want to wear a polo shirt as an essential. This one can be in neutral colors as well as in some brighter ones like purple or dark green. Try to keep it rather reserved though as you will not want to look like if you are wearing a preppy outfit

For trousers, either chinos or dress pants will be a good option. Try to keep them in darker colors like black or navy to set the focus on the polo shirt. As an additional layer, you can either add a blazer or a coat to keep that rather formal but still casual look. 

As for shoes, this one depends strongly on your occasion. If you are in town, some sneakers or dress shoeswill be a good option. If you are attending an event in the green, boots, and loafers will be your friends. For accessories, a watch can be great, as well as some sunglasses and a bracelet

A man wears a classic outfit: A polo shirt and a pair of chinos. Also he wears sunglasss
Source: Freepik/fxquadro

5.     Classic summer outfits

If it is getting hot in the summer, you will not only want to look classic and elegant but also try to keep your clothing breathable. 

Therefore, we will look at some classic summer outfits. If you want to keep it rather relaxed, some chino shorts and a classic T-shirt button placket will be great options. For colors, you can go from neutral colorslike white, navy, or beige to brighter ones like yellow, green, or baby blue. 

For the second outfit, a linen shirt will be the essential item. This one is perfectly suited for any beach day as you can combine it with shorts or swimming trunks as well as with linen pants

For the last classic summer outfit, we will go a little more formal again. For this one, you will need a button-down shirt with breathable fabrics like cotton or linen. Additionally, a pair of tailored dress pants or chinos will do the job. Opt for light colors as otherwise the sunlight will be absorbed and it will get way too hot in this outfit. As for shoes, dress shoes or loafers are perfectly suited. 

For the other two ones, sneakersloafersflip-flops, or sandals will do a great job. For accessories, I would opt for a watch, a bracelet, a straw hat, or sunglasses

6.     Natural classic style outfit

Lastly, this outfit presents a formal alternative to the blazer or suit. This natural classic outfit consists of a wool sweater, either with a normal texture or a cable knit texture. For pants, you can either wear dress pants or chinos that are made out of cotton or tweed. 

Try to keep the colors neutral. You can experiment a little with colors like green, brown, or beige though. As overwear, a coat will be the perfect option. For shoes, you can either choose dress shoes or loafers as well as boots

As accessories, a hat looks great as well as a watch with a leather strap or a bracelet and a belt

A man wears a hat, a turtleneck sweater, some tailored pants, and a coat above.
Source: Freepik


As we can see from this article, there is a wide variety of classic outfits for men and women. Even though the classic style itself can be a little boring sometimes, its different types create unique and also trendy outfits you can wear daily. Nevertheless, you will always look elegant and timeless wearing any of these outfits. 

If you found this article helpful and want to leave me a comment and some inspiration for new posts, don’t hesitate to write me one down below.

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