7 different types of boho style

A woman wears a type of boho style clothes: A pair of pants with flower patterns, a top, and a cardigan made out of cashmere.

Though the boho style is a very unique one that features extraordinary, non-mainstream clothes, there are still different types and variations of it that we will look at in this article. The seven most popular types of boho style are:

  • Classic Boho
  • Boho chic
  • Modern Boho
  • Tribal Boho
  • Gypsy Boho
  • Boho minimalist
  • Vintage Boho

These styles represent almost any variation there is of boho style. In this article, we will look at each one in more detail, and in the end, you will receive a guide on how to mix them up to create your own style. 


The boho, also called the bohemian style derives from the early 20th century as a reaction to the mainstream fashion at that time. Originating in the USA and France, this style features a variety of unique elements you wouldn’t call mainstream at all. From flowing garments to a free-spirited and eclectic aesthetic and way of living, this style features lots of things.

As unique as this style is, different variations and types of boho styles emerged from it. All these types took inspiration from the boho style and many others. This is why they, whilst still getting called boho, feature sometimes a variety of clothes you would never assume to be boho.

To get an overview of those styles and an opportunity to get look at them even further in the following blog posts, we will look at the seven types of boho styles in this article.

Classic Boho

The classic boho style is no specific type of boho style but rather the general style. This one sets the base for any other types of boho style to compare.

The classic boho style features loose, flowing garments as well as natural fabrics like linen. This style draws attention from unique patterns like floral or paisley as well as earthy colors. An eclectic and free-minded lifestyle is something, boho stands for which also leaves you lots of space for your individuality. This also supports the fact that boho likes to fix and even sometimes make its own clothes. This leaves you even more space for individuality.

The boho style expresses its lifestyle and key elements through typical clothing like maxi dressesboho skirtswide-legged pantshatsvestsshirts, and denim jackets

To achieve this particular look, you will also want to layer your clothes as well as use matching accessories like special bracelets, belts, and necklaces. For shoes, sandals, boots, clogs, or wedges are perfect. 

Boho vs bohemian: This is the front picture that shows a woman with an orange dress and a brown hat.
Source: Freepik/svetlanasokolova

Boho chic

As we would already assume from its name, the boho chic style isn’t that carefree and eclectic but rather blends in with more formal styles. Nevertheless, there are still heavily inspired elements from the original style in this type of boho style. 

Starting with more tailored and classic silhouettes, this style can remind you of a type of classic style but this comparison would be too much for sure. The boho chic style likes to wear rather neutral colors, opposing the boho style in some way. Nevertheless, its sympathy for earthy tones like ivory, brown, and beige reminds you of its origin. 

High-quality pieces like blazerscropped pants, or tailored dresses are pieces the boho chic style features on its own. This style will give you a more sophisticated and elegant version of the boho style that still lets you express your individuality. 

As this style is a little more complex, a differentiated consideration is crucial. You can find out more about the boho chic style for men here. For the boho chic style for women, read this article.

This woman wears the boho chic style, a type of boho style. She wears wide-legged, striped pants, a white blouse, and sandals. As accessories, she shows us a straw hat, a purse, and sunglasses.
Source: Freepik/marymarkevich

Modern Boho

The modern boho style likes to mix the rather timeless and classic boho look with modern and trendy styles like urban or street. This fusion not only guarantees it a trendy and contemporary look but also constantly changes this style and adds features to it. 

Clean silhouettes and neutral colors are key elements of this style. It tries to add elegance and refinement to its appearance by using these elements. For patterns, this style not only uses the one, boho style provides. It rather adds some modern patterns like geometric shapes and curves. 

Speaking of clothing, the modern boho style likes to incorporate things like jumpsuits, blouses, maxi dresses, tailored jackets, A-line skirts, button-down shirts, sweaters, cardigans, printed shirts, and loose-fitted pants. Some of these clothes are inspired by the boho style. The vast majority though, especially sweaters and cardigans, add modern elements to your wardrobe.

If you want to know more about this particular style, check out my article about the modern boho style.

This man wears the modern boho style, a type of boho style. He wears white linen pants, a grey polo shirt, and a straw hat.
Source: Freepik

Tribal Boho

The tribal boho style, as you can already tell from the name, is a type of boho style that is inspired by tribes and their cultures and clothing. The free-spiritedeclectic lifestyle meets a mixture of tribal cultures like Native AmericanSouth American, and Australian Aboriginals. This not only results in a mixture of lifestyles and mindsets but also a mixture of garments.

About the mixture of clothing, we will speak in the following paragraphs. As all of these native tribes didn’t have modern technology or any sort of modernity, the fabrics will consist of natural ones as well as natural colors. These fabrics are leatherlinen, and cotton. For colors, earthy tones like brown, ivory, and dark green are typical, as well as white. 

Also, the garments are mostly handcrafted and flowing as well as spiked with ethnic-inspired patterns like geometric shapes. 

Typical clothes are fringed vestsmaxi dresseslong skirtskimonos, and tops. For men, printed shirtsfringed vestswide-legged pants, and linen pants are common items. For shoes, sandals, and loafers will be great items as well as boots. When it comes to accessories, tribal influence comes to mind. Bracelets and necklaces with natural fabrics and elements are crucial, as well as oversized earrings and belts

If you want to know more about the tribal boho style, check out my article about it here.

This woman wears the tribal boho style. She expresses it with linen pants, a knitted top, a cape with unique patterns, and a headscarf in matching patterns.
Source: Freepik

Gypsy Boho

The gypsy boho style uses similar clothes and inspirations to the boho chic style. It sometimes is even used interchangeably with ‘boho chic’. Nevertheless, the gypsy boho style is a type of boho style on its own. 

It may also draw influences from Romani people that are commonly referred to as “Gypsies” but in a much closer way than the boho chic style. The eclectic and free-spirited aesthetic remains but more exoticelements come to play in this type of boho style. 

Apart from the influence of the Romani people, other cultures like Eastern European and Indian cultures also influence the gypsy boho style. This not only results in a mixture of lifestyles but also a mixture of clothes.

Bold colors and extraordinary patterns are part of this style as well as traditional clothes of the influential cultures. This results in a choice of clothes like maxi dressesboho skirtspatterned shorts, and woven tops. The tribal influence and free-spirited bohemian flair can be seen in clothing items. Fringed shawls and ponchosembellished jackets, flowing shirts, and blouses are common ones.

For accessories, bold jewelryheadbandshats, and fringed bags are common ones. As for shoes, sandalsespadrillesboots, and slip-ons are great choices. 

If you want to know more about the gypsy boho style, check out my article about it here for a complete overview.

This woman wears the gypsy boho style. She wears black pumps, and a dress with unique patterns and colors like orange or blue.
Source: Freepik/senivpetro

Boho minimalist

The boho minimalist style is probably the type of boho style the furthest away from the original boho style. The minimalistic approach is something boho isn’t known for in any case. Clean lines and simple and rather classic silhouettes tend to adapt this style to a rather casual approach. 

High-quality materials and only subtle boho elements are key features of this style. The color palette is rather neutral with colors like white, black, beige, ivory, or gray. Patterns aren’t a thing with this style. 

The boho minimalist style like to keep its items rather versatile to guarantee various combinations with a rather small number of garments

Much like types of classic styles, this one features timelessness and quality as some key elements. Clothes like tailored pantscrisp white shirtsstructured dressesjumpsuits, and knitwear are only some of the clothes this style features. Slim-fit jeansblazers, and linen shirts are also part of this particular style. 

As you can see, this style differs a lot from the other types of boho styles. It is my personal favorite of them all though. 

If you want to know more about the boho minimalist style, check out my complete article about it here.

The woman in this picture represents the boho minimalism style, a type of boho style. She wears a white top, beige linen pants, and a straw hat. Also, she holds a couple of white shopping bags.
Source: Freepik

Vintage Boho

As you can already tell from its name, the vintage boho style likes to incorporate elements from former periods. Especially its eclectic and free-spirited look, the vintage boho style draws from the 1960s to 1970s. The retro fashion from that time incorporates different silhouettes and prints

Bell-bottom pantsmaxi dresses, and fringed vests with prints like paisley or floral are common features of this style. A mixture of high-fashion pieces paired with some vintage clothing from the hippie movement creates a great mixture with this style. 

For fabrics, you will want to wear vintage ones like crochetlace, or velvet. Items like vintage skirtsblousesretro-inspired shirtswide-leg pants, and graphic T-shirts are great choices for the vintage boho style.

If you want to match your items with matching accessories, hatsvintage watchessunglassesbelts, and jewelry are great choices. For shoes, you will want to wear bootsloaferssandals, or Mary Janes

If you want to know more about the vintage boho style and get some outfit inspiration, check out my article about it here.

This man wears the vintage boho style. He wears ripped jeans, a button-down shirt, braces, a scarf, and a black hat.
Source: Freepik/fxquadro

How to mix the types of boho style

If you want to create a unique style that fits your personal interests and you can express yourself, a mixture of these featured types of boho style is the perfect choice. 

  1. First, you have to find a common element of one of these types of boho style. You will want to use this as a foundation to base your outfit. 
  2. Try to combine similar clothes that either share the same patterns, fabric, or similar colors. 
  1. Layer your clothes so you can add texture to your style. This will also help you to incorporate many things from different types.
  2. Look out for proportions. Many types of boho style incorporate rather flowing garments. Therefore, you should check if the items you’re wearing are balanced when it comes to proportions. 
  1. To make sure, your outfit matches, try to look out for one thing: Does the overall look still look like it’s boho or more like something I don’t want? If it does look like something you don’t want, try to incorporate more versatile pieces like the boho minimalist style.
  2. When your clothes are read and matching, it’s time to look for some shoes. Use some that don’t take away the focus from the outfit but rather blend in with their colors and texture. 
  3. Lastly, try to accessorize accordingly. You will want to use accessories that complement the overall look and match the occasion.

If you follow these steps, a combination of different types of classic style will be the perfect choice. 


As you can see from this article, there are many types and variations of the boho style. Some look much more similar to the original boho style than others but all share the same origin. 

If you follow all the steps from the list above, you can create your unique outfits with a combination of them.

If you found this article helpful and want to leave me some inspiration for the following posts, don’t hesitate to write me a comment down below.

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