7 Old money summer homes for timeless elegance

Here, you can see picture of a beautiful old money summer home.

Those with old money enjoy taking a break from the hustle and bustle of their businesses and traditional jobs. That’s why many of them have special summer homes for some laid-back days in the sun. But what are those old money summer homes?

As a general rule, old money summer homes are often located in exclusive locations and feature luxurious and timeless designs for old money to spend some carefree days relaxing in the sun. Often, you will find those houses to be situated on shores and near a beach.

In this article, we will take a short look at 3 essentials of old money summer homes and make a list of 7 typical domiciles quiet luxury likes to be in.

3 essentials of old money summer homes

Summer homes associated with old money often exude a sense of luxury and timelessness, nestled in exclusive locales. To delve deeper into their appearance and key elements, let’s explore three essential aspects in more detail.

1. Timeless and elegant design

Old money residences typically showcase a timeless design complemented by expansive layouts. Featuring classical sandstone materials, high-quality pillars, and large windows, these houses exude a luxurious and enduring atmosphere.

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2. Exclusive locations

Oftentimes, those old money summer houses are situated in exclusive neighborhoods and locations. Think about the Hamptons, Palm Beach, or the Costa Smeralda in Sardinia! Those places offer quiet luxury to enjoy a vacation with like-minded people far away from trouble and chaos.

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3. Long-lasting heritage

As you might guess, most of those old money summer homes have not been bought recently but have stayed in the family for decades which often explains their great locations and connections.

7 examples of old money summer homes

Now, let’s have a quick look at 7 old money summer homes for you to gain some additional insights into the life of quiet luxury.

1. The Lake Estate

This picture shows a Lake Estate in old money fashion.
Lake Estate

The beautiful lake estate is representative of lots of old money homes in leisure regions beside the sea. With a tasteful lake estate, often inherited from former generations, an exclusive and quiet vacation with lots of old money activities to pursue is guaranteed. Sailing, riding a jet ski, or other fun activities are commonly found at a lake.

2. Country home in Tuscany

Here, you can see a gorgeous country home in Tuscany.
Country home in Tuscany

Not always you will have the need to travel to a destination at sea in summer. Another great way of enjoying a luxurious life in peace and silence is to rent or own an estate in Tuscany.

For me, there is hardly something as desirable as going on vacation in such a beautiful place. Whilst the sea can be tempting, you will surely find a huge pool on those estates allowing you to get the cool you need.

3. Lake villa

This image shows a Lake Villa in Italy.
Lake Villa

Let’s move back to a lake with this gorgeous villa that offers the perfect opportunity to relax and take a break from all the stress and trouble. Located at Lake Maggiore in Italy, the unique Villa Taranto offers plenty of space with beautiful gardens and a luxurious appeal. 

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4. Rhode Island villa

Here, you can see the Breakers in Rhode Island.

The Breakers, a huge estate situated in Newport, Rhode Island has once been the summer residence of the Vanderbilt family. Once used for leisure activities and discussion in complete privacy, this estate can now be visited to gain more insights into how old money lived and still lives their unique lifestyle.

5. Seaside Villa

Enjoy the seaside view with this unique old money summer home.
Seaside Villa

This seaside villa offers everything you can ask for. Besides an incredible view and private access to the beach, you will find a huge garden paired with a timeless old money summer home for casual getaways. One of my personal favorites!

6. Texas estate

This image shows a texanian estate. A great old money summer home.
Texas estate

This estate situated in San Antonio, Texas has stood since 1876 and to this day fascinates with a timeless and elegant appeal. Whilst this may not represent the affordable old money summer home, you will find this house to have a marvellous old money interior design.

7. Countryside Villa

This countryside villa is held in old money fashion.
Countryside villa

This elegant and timeless villa offers a great countryside view whilst being the perfect place to after leisure activities like riding or tennis. Situated in the countryside, you will find lots of space and freedom to do almost anything you want at this huge estate which makes it a great old money summer home.

Final thoughts on old money summer homes

This article highlights the diverse array of old money summer homes, showcasing various types and styles. Armed with this information, the next time you encounter a picturesque estate, you can use the insights gained here to discern whether it aligns with the characteristics of an old money summer home. 

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