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Hey, I am Marc!

About a year ago I really wanted to change my style and overall appearance. So, I started to go to the internet and try to find ways to change my style and overall achieve a great aesthetic look. I searched for quite some while but couldn’t really find anything that suited my interests. There was just nothing that gave me the answers I needed.

After quite some frustration I started to think: ‘If this is the case with me, there will surely be others that feel the same way’. That’s when I realized I wanted to create a blog that helps young people find their style and get an overall aesthetic in their lives.

This picture shows me in Italy in the summer wearing an Oxford shirt from Polo-Ralph-Lauren, an old money Brand.

My first attempts were a complete disaster

When I first started to come up with ideas for my outfits, hardly anything looked good on me. Being the typical skinny guy at that time, modern fashion and the latest trends just didn’t fit and those baggy shirts and hoodies just made me look like some weird guy.

As I found my way to a more timeless alternative, that’s when the tables turned. Mixing together old money, preppy, classic, and bohemian features and clothes allowed me to express myself a lot more and find a style that truly fulfilled my needs.

The journey of creating this blog

To start off this blog, I sat down and tried to consume all the knowledge I needed to start a blog to reach out to you guys and create valuable content for you.

It took me some time but eventually, after a couple of disbeliefs in my abilities, I took the step to create my first blog and set up my website. Since then, I started to write down all the things about an aesthetic life and style I couldn’t really find proper answers on the internet. 

As I started to talk with others and went to visit lots of stores like Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger, I managed to get a hold of what actual style means, and since then, I’ve never looked back.

So, if you are looking for unique content about certain styles and aesthetics you are in the right place. Though this blog is still growing I am sure that the content that is available right now will answer your questions about aesthetics and style. You will gain a lot of knowledge in style and overall aesthetic.

Contact us

General concerns, questions, and inquiries regarding site content, guest blogging, or technical issues on the Ultimate Aesthetic Guide can be emailed to the following address:

Email: justeasyaesthetics@gmail.com

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