Essential Old Money Accessories for Men and Women: 14 Must-Haves

This picture shows old money accessories.

Thinking of a person that dresses ‘old money’, you imagine someone on their large property wearing unique and elegant outfits and combining them with old money accessories.

These accessories must be chosen carefully to not come off as cheap or sloppy just trying to recreate some silent luxury aesthetic without any sense of fashion. Also, old money jewelry differentiates quite a bit from those worn by new money.

In this list, I am going to show you what accessories old money uses to create elegant timeless outfits for any occasion as well as talk about old money accessory brands. As we did not include old money perfumes in this list, look at them in this article in full detail.

How to complement any outfit with old money accessories

This man dresses up his rather casual old money outfit by tucking a sweater over his shoulder. He also wears a button-down shirt and black jeans. As accessories, he wears sunglasses, a watch, and a bracelet.
Old money summer outfit

To complement an old money outfit properly, a man should try to wear watches whenever he goes to a formal occasion. This watch should be neutral-colored with natural materials. Additionally, some sunglasses and a sophisticated bracelet will give the outfit a final touch.

As a woman, you may want to add a fine cocktail ring or thin bracelets to your outfit depending on the occasion. Also, sunglasses or a silk scarf can level up your outfit easily. Whatever you do, do not over-accessorise. Layering is fine but keep it elegant and minimalist.

Generally, you will want to add some additional elegance and luxury to your outfit by complementing it with your accessories. Always keep the occasion in mind as you will want to wear less on business occasions and more on a dinner or similar occasion.

Old money accessories for women

This list will be categorised into sections for men and women to highlight the distinctions in old money accessories between the two genders.

Classic women’s watches

Reaching from the classical slim watch with a leather strap to a more remarkable and formal metal watch, brands such as Cartier and Rolex provide great timepieces that add that little something to your old money style. 

The Cartier Tank or the Chopard Happy Diamonds are both old money watches with a timeless appeal. For classic watches, you must not break the bank though. Some alternatives give off an old money vibe too that just don’t have an expensive brand name on them.

If you want to find out more about old money watches and their affordable alternatives, check out my recent article here.

Here, you can see the Chpard Happy diamonds as well as the Christalline wonder watch by Swarovski, two great and timeless watches.

Timeless jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, women can choose from various options to match the old money aesthetic.

Old money necklaces: Pearls and precious metals like silver and gold are the key components when it comes to wearing old money necklaces. A sophisticated pearl or golden necklace will be the number one options here.

A small diamond or other gemstone can also enhance the appearance of an old money outfit. Brands like van Cleef & Arples make great pieces as well as Cartier or Swarowski.

Old money bracelets: A bracelet that is considered old money typically features clean and rather thin lines and precious materials. An iconic Cartier bracelet or just a simple golden or pearl one will be a perfect fit. Optimally, you can match the bracelet and the necklace.

This picture shows two bracelets looking similar to the famous van Cleef & Arpels bracelets. Some outstanding old money accessories.

Elegant rings: In addition to the previously mentioned jewelry old money people sometimes like to wear rings as an accessory. You cannot only find wedding rings on their hands but especially in the younger generations of old money style can be seen with some discreet silver or gold rings.

Timeless earrings: Pearl earrings, Diamond stud earrings, and hoop earrings are great old money staples for any woman.

This picture shows lots of jewelry many of which fit the old money aesthetic.

Timeless purses and shopping bags

Thinking of a woman that dresses old money you certainly can find a bag on her arm. On the given occasion you either see a woman wearing a plain one-colored purse or an elegant shopping bag. 

An often-worn shopping bag is from the well-established brand Harrods based in London and associated with the high class. For purses, Chanel or Hermes are great options. 

Feminine sunglasses

Dior, Dolce and Gabbana, Tom Ford, Ray Ban, and Chanel offer timeless sunglasses in various shapes. Typically on the elegant side of things, old money sunglasses come with some features like gemstones or precious metals.

If you want to know more about old money sunglasses for women and for for, check out my recent article here.

Timeless belts

Whilst not added to every outfit, belts are a must-have when it comes to dressing old money. Women may opt for a plain or rope-like belt, High quality and a good craftsmanship are key here. Hermès and Gucci offer great staples here.

This woman wears a blouse as a base layer. She also wears some linen pants and a belt. For shoes, she wears sandals, and for accessories a bag and a watch.

Silk Scarves

When we talk about scarves as old money accessories, we do not talk of the huge ones you will wear to attract attention with. Rather we talk about high-quality and well-crafted silk scarves. 

They can be worn around the neck, as a pot cloth as well as tied around a purse. With colors and patterns, you can be experimentative as though you may want to match the scarf to the outfit. 

Unique hats

Unique hats like the wide-brimmed fascinator or a fedora exude elegance like hardly any other accessory on this list. Mostly worn to special occasions they add a touch of sophistication to a woman’s outfit.

Old money men’s accessories

Now, let’s have a look at accessories for men that give off an elegant and timeless aesthetic.

Timeless men’s watches

Timeless and classic watches are arguably the most-used accessories in an old money men’s closet. They not only exude an incredibly elegant appearance but also harmonize seamlessly with nearly any outfit.

Brands like Rolex, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Philipe offer outstanding old money watches at a rather high price. You may also find affordable alternatives looking similar in my recent article here.

Here, you can see a comparison of the Patek Phillipe Calatrava and the Seiko SARB035. Both look quiet similar but one costs several 10s of thousands and the other only $500.

Pocket watches

Thinking of a landlord hunting at their country estate you cannot unsee the image of a nice pocket watch.  If connected to a suit by a little chain or just in the jacket, a pocket watch not only contributes to the old money style in great fashion but also is considered to be worn only by rich people. 

This timepiece sets you apart from almost every other person. You may even switch your wristwatch for that classy pocket watch as it can be more useful, especially with old money activities. 

Old money men’s jewelry

Timeless Bracelets: Timeless old money bracelets like a chain, leather, or braided bracelet are great for a men’s wardrobe.

Old money necklaces for men: Typically, a golden necklace with a cross can be seen on old money men’s necks.

Timeless hats

No matter if you are attending a polo match, watching a horse race, or going to a gala, a hat is an old money accessory you will not want to miss for certain occasions. Here, you combine sun protection with elegance and timelessness.

Some hats you can wear, are:

  • Fedoras
  • Homburg/Trilby hats
  • Boater hats
  • Bowler hats

If you want to go for a cap, choose some with Ivy-League symbols or emblems. For colors, greenwhite, and navy are great. 

Get to know everything about old money caps and hats here.

Old money sunglasses for men

As well as for women, old money men’s accessories also feature timeless and elegant sunglasses. These shades will most likely not have gemstones ignited but still are quiet costly. Aviator or Wayfarer sunglasses are the most common ones offered by brands like Ray Ban, Gucci, or Tom Ford.


When it’s time for old money people to dress up, one detail must not be forgotten on a man’s blazer…cufflinks

As with almost every accessory on this list, cufflinks are also held relatively plain. They add a formal touch to a man’s suit and can be worn to almost every formal occasion. 

For a general sense of how to dress up old money outfits and general formal old money outfits, check out my recent article.

The portrayed things are old money accessories: Cufflinks, a silk tie, and a watch.

Ties and Bowties

Sticking to the formal old money attire, you will most likely come to wear a tie or bowtie to a formal event. For this, you will want to opt for a high-quality one typically consisting of silkwool, or cotton

For colors, mostly neutral ones will add up the best. You may also implement patterns like stripes, houndstooth, paisley, or polka dots. For bowties, just stick to neutral colors like redblackwhite, or navy

Pockets squares

Generally, you will want to match the pocket square to the color and pattern of the tie. You can also complement it but generally try to match it. 

Optimally, you will want to buy this pocket square simultaneous to your tie at the same store to have that perfect match and high quality


You don’t have to be a Columbian mafia boss to smoke a traditional cigar. As badass as it is portrayed in movies, smoking a cigar is associated with well-dressed men in their late fifties looking down on an empire they built and having a huge fortune. 

Luxurious pens

One of the most remarkable brands is Montblanc selling pens from 200$ to over 160.000$. You don’t have to make this big of a purchase but a nice individualized pen is a great accessory, even though you will not wear it to your body most of the time.

This pen is from Montblanc.

Best old money accessory brands

Typical old money brands will have a bright history themselves and portray lots of luxury and timeless designs. You will find them to use only the highest quality materials so you can achieve that real stealth wealth.

Common brand names you might notice are Cartier, Dior, Armani, Rolex, Hermès, and Ralph Lauren. If you want to dive down deeper, you will notice brands like Bottega Venta as one of the most refined old money jewelry brands besides van cleef. They also offer other accessories you might want to check out.

If you want to know more about old money brands, check out my article about the designer and affordable old money brands here.

Final thoughts on old money accessories

Whilst some old money accessories on this list are more fitted for daily use than others, they all represent the old money aesthetic.

You can even combine these accessories i.e., wearing a beautiful watch combined with a bracelet and sunglasses to boost your old money look.

Some items on this list are more expensive than others so I would recommend starting with the ones you can wear daily and really consider the decision if buying a cigar or an expensive pen is needed, even though these are great old money accessories to have.


What are the best old money women’s accessories?

The best old money women’s accessories are an understated watch and some refined pieces of jewelry.

What are the best old money men’s accessories?

Men typically should opt for a staple watch and some sophisticated sunglasses as well as a little bracelet or hat.

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