Exploring Excellence: Top Old Money Sweater for any occasion

This title picture of the article about old money sweaters shows a variety of different old money sweaters. The most important one with the Polo Bear is at front.

Few things are as comfortable and versatile as a well-crafted sweater. In this article, we’ll explore some of the finest old-money-inspired sweaters that can effortlessly elevate your style.

Therefore, let’s look at old money sweaters for men and women fitting any budget from high to low. Additionally, you will receive some advice on how to wear an old money sweater in the end.

Old money sweaters for women

Let’s start off at old money sweaters for women. To match everyone’s budget, we divided this section into designer sweaters, mid-price ones, as well as cheap sweaters

As the sweater can be unisex from time to time, you may find similar examples in the section for men. Nevertheless, there are still different sweaters for each gender, so read the one that suits you the best. From time to time, there will also be links to recommended products, even though I will not earn a commission for every item.

Designer sweaters

Starting off with the designer knitwear, we surely notice that a price tag of several thousand $ is not unusual at all. Instead, brands like Loro Piana or Brunello Cucinelli price their tailored pieces at around 2000-4000$. Designer labels such as Burberry or Hermès also fall within the four-digit range of around 1000-1500$. So, here is a quick list of What the have to offer:

This image shows the brand name and logo of Loro Piana, a great and expensive brand.
Loro Piana

Even though you might not buy them, take these sweaters as an inspiration as we move to the more affordable ones.

Mid-price sweaters

Moving to the more affordable old money sweaters, we can still expect high quality and great craftsmanship. Personally, this is my favorite category, as you can have a unique wardrobe but will not go broke buying one piece. Furthermore, the designs are rather similar to the designer old money brands.

To check out my article about all designer- and cheap old money brands, click here.

First, we have to mention the number 1 old money brand, Ralph Lauren. As you can imagine, they have lots of beautiful old money sweaters to offer. So let’s look at the top 3:

Starting off, we find ourselves with a gorgeous brown cable knit sweater. As you might guess, Ralph Lauren still has remarkable quality and classic silhouettes, it is just a lot less expensive than the previously mentioned brands. If you want to, check it out on Amazon for a price of about 150$.

  • Cable knit cotton cricket jumper $189,95
  • Jersey turtleneck $99,95
  • Intarsia-Knit Cotton-Blend Jumper $249,95

Transitioning to a softer fabric, we encounter a cashmere sweater by Tommy Hilfiger allowing us to make an appearance at formal and casual occasions. Also, we may challenge traditional norms, by wearing a half-zip cardigan, often associated with men’s fashion showing an approach for a fashionable woman.

To include another brand, we may look at some fine pieces from Marco Polo. Here, the plain turtleneck sweater is a great option ensuring a remarkable fit. Lastly, back at Tommy Hilfiger, we find ourselves with a sophisticated V-neck sweater with an argyle pattern.

Cheap old money sweaters

Even though the last options of mid-price old money sweaters were at a pretty low price, we can also find some cheaper ones for you. Nevertheless, these old money sweaters still represent the aesthetic very well. Just look out for quality issues. With the ones I will present to you, I didn’t find any issues.

Starting off, you can find a prestigious college-style sweater, that could just come straight from an Ivy League university. Even though the presented one from Urban Classics is rather cheap, it still has decent quality and a classic fit. To keep it a little more laid back, this sweater vest from Dilgul offers a great fit at a reasonable price. A v-neck sweater as well as a sophisticated cardigan will round up this list of affordable old money sweater very well.

As a little bonus, a turtleneck can be a great way of staying warm in colder months. You may find a cheap one at the end.

Old money sweaters for men

Now, we move to the male section. Even though, most types of sweaters will be the same, the fitting and overall look will be different. Also, you may find some great offers as well as some personal recommendations from experience. So let’s get started!

Designer sweaters

Even though most of the featured brands for designer sweaters are the same as for women, there are some hidden ones that give off an incredible old money look. So let’s get going with Kiton, founded by a designer and tailor in Naples, Italy. This brand’s knitwear even surpasses Loro Piana and others regarding its price:

Mid-price sweaters

Here we step into my preferred section, where you’ll discover top-notch sweaters at a fraction of the cost. These mid-price old money sweaters stand out with their distinctive, well-crafted designs while remaining within normal budgets. Still, you may typically not buy a bunch of sweaters. I would opt for about 5-10 sweaters at max.

Starting off, we have to address Ralph Lauren again. Here, we look at again the top 3:

  • Mesh-Knit Cotton Quarter-Zip Jumper $195,95
  • Textured Cotton Crewneck Sweater $195,95
  • Polo Bear Wool-Cashmere jumper $599,95

Next up is a sweater that has become a daily staple for me. The cable knit sweater from Tommy Hilfiger donned in navy blue, boasts exceptional quality and a superbly comfortable fit. Plus, it provides excellent warmth and is suitable for almost any occasion. Check it out on Amazon for about 100$ here. Generally, you will find lots of old money sweaters at Tommy Hilfiger.

This picture shows a cable knit sweater from Tommy Hilfiger. It is considered to be old money.

Staying in that Ivy League American feeling, we will now look at a college-style jumper. This garment from Charles Colby with its striped collar and cable knit pattern is a great option to wear above a button-down or polo shirt. For about 65$, it is yours. Or would you like a Cardigan giving off an incredible look reminding myself of a hunter in the forrest.

Cheap old money sweaters

As we reach the final category, we highlight budget-friendly old money sweaters. However, it’s important to maintain an eye for reasonable quality, even though you shouldn’t anticipate a flawless fit or artisanal craftsmanship at this lower price point. The sweaters featured here will have good quality nevertheless.

Starting off, we encounter a good-looking half-zip sweater from Amazon Essentials. For just about 20-25$, you can get yourself one or two in different colors. I would recommend navy blue and beige. Or maybe a sophisticated V-neck sweater for just 20 bucks? Or what about a wool-crewneck sweater from Coofandy?

Lastly, our attention turns to a sophisticated cable knit sweater, enhancing that sense of elegance. This piece will be a great option in the colder days due to its thickness and rather bulky look. For about 40$, it will be yours. Check it out here.

Essentials of an old money sweater

As the sweater comes in different shapes, colors, and with different materials and designs, we will slowly go through all the necessities, a sweater has to have in order to be considered “old money”. 


As we want our sweaters to be versatile, the colors have to be easily combinable. Therefore, neutral colors will be the best option and represent old money the best. Pick colors like beige, grey, navy blue, wheat, dark green, burgundy, white, or black. 

Also, these colors should not wash out easily and may be chosen according to the season or occasion. 


Typically, old money sweaters do not have lots of patterns besides cable knit and ribbed. But if you feel like wearing one, try Argyle, Plaid, or Houndstooth. If you do so, do it on casual occasions mostly. 

Also, try to keep the rest of your outfit rather plain. Especially the Argyle pattern does look great layered above a white button-down shirt. Therefore, either choose a sweater or a sweater vest. 


The best sweaters, in my opinion, are made either made out of 100% wool or cotton. Other options may include cashmere or silk. Also, you will find some mixtures like wool-cotton- or cashmere-silk blends.

Avoid synthetics at all costs as well as cheap fabrics with poor quality. Any strings or other things coming out of your sweater or sweater vest are no-go’s and will ruin the aesthetic.

Different old money sweaters and combinations

As you might guess, there are different silhouettes and types of old money sweaters. Each one holds its place in this aesthetic and may suit different occasions. 

Old money sweater outfits for women

One great option is the V-neck sweater. You should opt to combine this refined piece of clothing with a button-down or polo shirt. You can do the same with a crew neck- or cable knit sweater

Cardigans and sweater vests also require you to wear something like a T-shirt underneath. The only sweater, you will not want to wear something underneath, is the turtleneck sweater. Even though some might argue this, I find it to be old money too.

Old money sweater outfits for men

Starting with the formal option, we will need a nice cashmere or V-neck sweater. You will want to pick neutral colors and high quality. Also, try to match the sweater with some tailored pants or chinos.

Additionally, opt for a button-down or polo shirt underneath. For shoes, pick loafers or elegant sneakers. Regarding accessories, you will want to wear a watch, a belt, some sunglasses and maybe a bracelet.

Now to the special role of the sweater: If the weather and occasion allow it, try to either wear it as a cover or tuck the sweater over your shoulders. This works perfectly if it is warm in the daytime but rather chill in the evening. Old money summer outfits can be complemented with this method greatly.

Old money sweater maintenance

As you still want your knitwear to give off an elegant aesthetic after several uses, you have to take care of it properly. So, we will look at some ways to clean and take care of your old money sweater. The methods can vary on the material and cost of the sweater.

If you want to make your maintenance and cleaning easy, just toss your sweater in the washing machine. Make sure to read the label before, regarding warmth and material specialties. However, you will have to accept some material issues when doing it often. Nevertheless, this option saves you lots of time.

After washing, make sure to let your sweater dry by laying it flat. If you hang it, it will lengthen and look used and worn down. Also, fold it or roll it to store your old money sweater as it will lengthen on a hanger too.

Here, you can see how your old money sweaters should be folded.
Correctly folding old money sweaters

I would do the washing with cheap or mid-price sweaters only. Arguably, you might want to choose a different method for some delicate mid-price sweaters too. Regarding those different methods, you can either wash it by hand, give it to a professional cleaner, or dry clean it yourself.

Regarding professional cleaning, just look out for a good local one. Make sure they have great reviews and talk to them about any specialties of your designer sweater. For others, I would not take the costs.

Hand washing

Regarding the wash by hand, you will want to fill a basin with lukewarm water and add a gentle wool or cashmere detergent. Then, gently clean the sweater without stretching it too much. This method is best used for delicate designer sweaters. If you want an allrounder, choose the wool detergent which I used a lot and it works perfectly with little to no smell. Check it out here.

Dry cleaning

Regarding dry cleaning, it’s especially effective for materials that can be damaged by water or that are difficult to clean using traditional methods. Especially delicate leather, wool, or cashmere can be damaged by water.

Here, you will first want to use a special brush to get rid of light dirt and fur. Additionally, you can use a chemical to further clean your garment. This chemical can smell bad though, so try to look out for a good one. As I do not have any experience with dry cleaning, I can not recommend any product here.


As we’ve seen from this article, the sweater is a very versatile and elegant garment you can use for many occasions. This list features everything there is to know to pull off the old money sweater look.

Also, you have a great overview of which sweater to buy at which budget, even though I recommend buying some cheaper ones and mid-price sweaters. So, have fun choosing your old money sweater!

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