Old money bathroom ideas

This picture shows a timeless old money bathroom.

Even the bathroom can resemble lots of elegance and sophistication and tell a lot about the mindset and overall aesthetic. Therefore, an old money bathroom is the perfect representation of the ability to combine functionality and elegant designs. But what does it look like?

As a general rule, an old money bathroom consists of high-quality tiles made of marble or granite as well as classic fixtures, Custom Cabinets, and a subdued color palette. Besides their primary use, these bathrooms resemble elegance and timelessness making them a great reflection of the interior design style.

In this article, you will get to know every detail of an old money bathroom and see different styles to design a timeless bathroom. Additionally, you will receive advice on how to transform your bathroom into an old money one.

Definition of old money

Old money by definition is all about wealth being inherited over the course of many generations. The traditions and values connected to the heritage resemble the interior design of old money very well.

With a timeless approach to the style of living, the cars, houses, and clothing style, the interior design aspect may just be the most important one to make a comfortable and carefree living. The bathroom is a crucial part of this.

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This picture shows an old money bathroom with lots of natural lighting.

Important elements of old money bathrooms

Now, let’s have a look at some crucial components you will find in any old money bathroom.

Timeless fixtures

Timeless fixtures are the most important and most expensive part of an old money bathroom. They typically feature ornaments and custom designs and are things like:

  • Clawfoot Bathtubs
  • Vintage-style faucets
  • Rounded mirrors
  • Pedestal sinks
  • Freestanding vanities
  • Ornamented shower fixtures
  • Classic toilets
  • High-quality hardware
  • Timeless bathroom stools

Combined, these elements give off an incredible aesthetic making the room look a lot like quiet luxury.

Elegant shower

Similar to a bed in an old money bedroom, the shower is the heart of an old money bathroom. It typically should be practical but also elegant. 

Originally, a shower wasn’t part of the bathroom as a bath was the more affordable alternative back when water wasn’t as easy to access. Nowadays, the adaption has to be made though. 

Therefore, old money typically opts for a glass enclosure. This elegant and luxurious way to design a shower is a great alternative to typical shower curtains.

Neutral colors and classic patterns

Typically, you will find lots of black and white marble tiles, as well as golden ornaments. Also, colors like olive green, grey, navy, and beige can be found in an old money bathroom. Some colorful accents are also common and include red, yellow, or lighter shades of blue most of the time. 

When it comes to patterns, less is more. Classic marble or granite patterns are common as well as check, stucco, flowers, and geometrical shapes. 

High-quality materials

Typically, you will find high-quality natural materials in any old money bathroom. Materials like marble, granite, glass, hardwoods, ceramic, brass, or chrome, as well as silk, are common to be found in any of those timeless bathrooms.

Hidden modern designs

Here, you can see a modern version of an old money bathroom.

To stand the test of time and still be easily usable, an old money bathroom has to adapt to certain innovations that are crucial for a comfortable living. Things like radiant heated flooring, fine towels, a modern shower, soap dispensers, and LED lighting are all aspects that ease life a lot.

To not lose the timelessness and elegance, various brands like Waterworks or Kohler offer luxurious, modern, and also timeless fixtures for the modern old money bathroom. By implementing those modern details, a timeless bathroom that matches the overall aesthetic of an old money house can stand the test of time easily.

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Different styles of old money bathrooms

Now, let’s have a look at some different styles of old money bathrooms to get a better look at match with the overall interior design aesthetic.

Traditional American style

Dark style: The dark traditional American bathroom typically consists of lots of woodwork. Additionally, some ceramic tiles and a luxurious shower can be found in this style.

Light style: Opposing the dark aesthetic, the light alternative typically features lots of marble, ornaments, and stucco. With white being the main colors, a clean aesthetic and a generally more modern approach are typically to be found.

English Country style

The English Country Bathroom style often features wooden cabinets, a carpet, as well as walls with floral or other patterns. Typically, it is rather small and packed with lots of things.  More modern versions opt for a minimalistic approach though.

French Provincial style

As with living rooms, the French Provincial style is the most luxurious and the one with the most natural light. Stucco, ceramic, and marble are just some things in this elegant bathroom. Typically, a freestanding bathtub and a huge mirror are the main elements of this bathroom style.

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How to transform your bathroom into an old money bathroom

So, now with all this inspiration, let’s have a look at how to get an ordinary bathroom transformed into an old money one.

First of all, start by implementing some timeless fixtures like an elegant sink, a freestanding vanity, and some vintage-style faucets. Try to choose those in neutral colors and of high-quality materials. You can slowly replace the ordinary ones and lean towards those elegant fixtures.

Additionally, try to look at the floor and walls. Do they represent old money? Are they neutral-colored? May some ornaments look good on them or should they just be plain white walls? Also, they floor can either be made out of wood or tiles.

Lastly, invest in a bathtub or a timeless shower. These will most likely cost you a lot of money but will make a noticeable difference. With those elements, you can start to make changes to transform your current bathroom into an old money bathroom.

Final thoughts on the old money bathroom

As you can see from this article, an old money bathroom is a crucial component of a timeless and luxurious home. Also, you may have noticed that old money isn’t just old money. There are lots of different styles and more modern approaches to the timeless aesthetic of an old money bathroom.


What does it cost to get an old money bathroom?

It can start at a couple of $100 to just implement some small elements up to $30,000 for a luxurious old money bathroom. About $5,000-$10,000 is a good price for an old money bathroom though.

What are the best brands for an old money bathroom?

Waterworks, Kohler, and Ralph Lauren Home are great brands to design an old money bathroom.

How can I make my bathroom look expensive?

Opt for high-quality materials, good lighting, and small ornaments like subtle stucco, as well as a frameless glass shower enclosure. Additionally, try to opt for some gold or brass accents as well as some good-looking tiles.

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