Old Money Bedroom Ideas: Timeless Luxury, Modern Comfort

This picture shows an old money bedroom with all its important details.

Typically, rich people have multiple of them: An old money bedroom. With their timeless elegance, these bedrooms remind us of a long-gone time of elegance and luxury. But how are those old money bedrooms designed?

Typically, an old money bedroom showcases a substantial wooden bed as its focal point. Additionally, carefully selected elements such as a thoughtfully chosen chair, a small bedside table, and a wardrobe often constitute the primary furnishings. To enhance sleep quality, the bedroom maintains a neutral color scheme on walls, minimizing distractions.

In this article, we will take a look at exactly what elements are supposed to be in an old money bedroom. Additionally, we will look at different styles of old money bedrooms and show you how to transform your bedroom into a timeless room full of elegance.

To take a glance at a quiet different yet also timeless design of bedroom, let’s explore 11 preppy bedroom ideas as a counterpart to the classic elegant old money bedroom.

Definition of old money

Old money, you may call it quiet wealth as well, describes money inherited over the course of many generations. Typically, you will see old money living in a huge house from former centuries. 

Furthermore, through distinctive interior designs, affluent families with a long-standing financial history craft a unique aesthetic that mirrors their values and traditions.

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Crucial old money bedroom elements

So now, let’s have a look at which design elements are crucial for any old money bedroom.

Comfortable bed

This huge bed resembles elegance and timelessness.

A comfortable and huge bed is the heart of any bedroom. Therefore, old money likes to invest in a quality staple. The typical materials of this bed are wood and high-quality cotton, silk, or linen for the sheets.

Apart from those typical wooden beds, a Velvet Chesterfield bed is another unique piece you can find in an old money bedroom. With almost unmatched comfort and a timeless design, this bed can be a great alternative to traditional ones.

Timeless furniture

To complement this timeless aesthetic of the bed, some minimalist furniture is crucial in any bedroom of quiet luxury. Typical elements include a carefully selected chair matching the overall style, a bedside table, as well as in some cases a wardrobe. 

The wardrobe can be dismissed if the old money house features a dressing room, which they typically do because of their huge size.

High-quality materials

One thing to avoid when creating a timeless bedroom is the use of bad-quality materials. High-quality materials are not only a crucial component of a comfortable bed but also of a great bedroom. Therefore, choose high-quality wood, silk, cotton, and linen to design your old money bedroom.

Old money bedroom walls

Walls are oftentimes an aspect that can be overlooked quickly. To not fall for this, old money bedroom walls typically are either of clean white color and some stucco or of another neutral color. This paint ensures no disturbance of sleep as well as timeless elegance.

Modern vs traditional old money bedrooms

Here, you can see a modern vs traditional approach to old money bedrooms.

As time evolves, old money also has to adapt a little. Besides the traditional bedroom designs, it also features some modern alternatives not falling short of elegance and timelessness. 

Oftentimes times those modern old money bedrooms are more minimalistic than the traditional ones. Also, they are most likely brighter due to white being the main color there. On the other hand, traditional old money bedrooms often offer handcrafted furniture and ornaments giving a very luxurious vibe.

Different styles of old money bedrooms

Now, let’s have a look at some different styles of old money bedrooms so you can see some examples before designing your own one.

Traditional American style

Similar to living rooms, traditional American bedrooms are held in a light or dark aesthetic.

Dark style: The dark bedroom style often features hardwoods like Mahogany, Cherry, or Walnut. Additionally, a navy, olive green, or black color on the walls creates a dark and mysterious aesthetic.

Light style: This style often uses ornaments on the walls and a white or beige color. They typically feature lots of natural lighting and woods like birch or oak. Also, you may find a timeless chandelier and a box spring bed.

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English Country style

An English Country style bedroom often may seem a little messy. It typically features more things than the core elements of an old money bedroom in a smaller space. A little bench or an armchair are common things this style features. Also, it incorporates colors like red or yellow giving a complexly different aesthetic than most of the other ones on this list.

French Provincial style

The French Provincial bedroom style typically offers a lot of natural lighting as well as ornaments, stucco, and typical wooden furniture. It is the lightest of all the bedroom designs on this list and typically also the most luxurious one.

How to make your bedroom look old money

So, with all these different styles and elements of old money bedrooms in mind, let’s have a look at how you can transform your bedroom into timeless elegance.

First of all, you should start at the heart: The bed. Make sure, your bed is made of great-quality wood and in a timeless design. Afterward, start changing the furniture to match the overall aesthetic of your bed and the desired style you want to achieve.

Complement your old money aesthetic by painting the walls in a neutral color and try to add some ornaments. Also, you may want to add some bedside lamps and a curtain. Additionally, some paintings and a carpet may help to make the room cozier.

By implementing those steps, your old room will soon transform into an old money bedroom.

Final thoughts on old money bedrooms

As you can see from this article, old money bedroom designs offer a variety of styles to choose from. Showing elegance and timelessness, an old money bedroom will ensure a restful sleep.


How much does an old money bedroom cost?

An old money bedroom costs about $5,000 up to $15,000 or more. The bed mainly is the deciding factor here.

What are great brands for old money bedrooms?

Henredon, Ethan Allen, and Ralph Lauren Home are the best brands when it comes to old money bedrooms.

What are the colors for old money bedrooms?

Neutral colors like white, beige, navy, olive green, or black are the best for an old money bedroom. Also, wood will be great.

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