Old money living room ideas for a timeless home

This image shows a beautiful interior design in an old money living room.

The way old money individuals view a home can significantly differ from others. With their often-expansive estates, an old money living room can appear quite different from that of an average person. But what are they about?

Generally, an old money living room exudes timeless elegance with classic furnishing and a neutral color palette. Fine arts, family heirlooms, and expensive materials provide a cozy yet formal atmosphere.

To get to know more about old money living rooms, check out this article where we will look at different examples and essentials of an old money living room.

Definition of old money

Old money is defined by families that inherited wealth and status over generations. Due to their rich history, old money individuals typically possess huge houses from past centuries. These huge houses are mostly designed with ornaments and other rich details.

So is old money’s interior design as well. To match the outside, quiet luxury often designs their living rooms to be a representative of past times to honor their ancestors whilst keeping a cozy atmosphere.

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Essentials of an old money living room

This picture shows an old money living room held in beige.

Now, let’s find out which elements are crucial for a living room to be seen as old money.

Vintage furniture

Vintage furniture like antique armchairs and a timeless couch are crucial elements of any old money living room. Additionally, a sophisticated small table and a high-quality carpet create a great atmosphere.

Depending on the size of the living room, a timeless desk, and in more modern old money homes, a TV can be found. Lastly, a chimney will create a cozy feeling.

Grand rooms

As old money homes typically are rather huge, the living room shouldn’t be the smallest. This not only allows for various staple pieces to be placed. Also, it ensures big windows so that the room is always full of natural light.

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Neutral colors

To match a timeless aesthetic, neutral colors are a must-have. Typically, white, beige, brown, or black are the most common primary colors when it comes to old money living rooms. You can spice things up with some brighter details but keep the overall aesthetic neutral. Also, keep the color palette similar to other rooms like the bedroom.

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Natural materials

May it be the leather or a linen couch, the stone chimney, or the wooden floor; natural materials are a crucial element in old money’s interior design. With typically high quality and an enduring appeal, these natural materials will serve any living room well.

Different old money living room styles

With all these crucial elements in mind, let’s look at different types of old money living rooms. Even though they all represent quiet luxury, these styles still have different appearances some of which will fit certain types of houses better than others.

Traditional American living room

The traditional American old money living room comes in two main variants:

Dark living room: The darker alternative features lots of naturally dark wood and generally darker colors. Elements often are made out of leather as well. Additionally, the furniture includes rounded corners and small ornaments.

Light living room: The lighter alternative features colors like beige, white, or light blue most of the time. Elements typically tend to be a little more playful and not as formal as with the dark alternative. Linen, light leather, and light woods are commonly featured.

English country living room

An old money living room inspired by the English Country style can be characterized by lots of furniture in a rather small place. Many, also bright, colors and embroidery are part of this living room. Wool carpets, a couch with linen, and wooden chairs are the most common elements.

French Provincial living room

A French Provincial living room is the definition of a light-flooded room. With many windows, typically white interior as well as elegant leather and linen interior, this style is my personal favorite. Small wooden ornaments and stucco round up this timeless aesthetic.

Prominent examples of old money living rooms

Now, let’s look at some prominent examples that represent these specific styles.

The Breaker’s living room

The Breaker’s living room is a great representation of the traditional American-style living room. With a high ceiling, light interior, and antique furniture, this famous room represents old money perfectly.

Downton Abbey living room

This rather small living room showcases unique interior design details that can be found in the English country living room style. Embroidered carpets, wooden chairs, and linen cover represent an old money living room at its finest.

Chateau de Fontainebleau living room

Whilst this famous room does not resemble modern French Provincial aspects, it represents this aesthetic with a light-flooded room, fine covers, and stucco.

How to make your living room old money

With all these inspirations, let‘s look at how to give your living room an old money touch with minimal effort. As a first step, you will want to opt for a neutral color palette. This is the base of any old money living room. 

Afterwards, a timeless carpet as well as some white curtains can add a unique touch to the living room. If you are a book enthusiast, some sophisticated wooden bookshelves will serve you well.

Lastly, opt for ornamented furniture of natural materials. E.g. add a wooden desk, some wooden or leather armchairs, or a leather or linen couch.

As a last step, spice up your room with some matching decor like a plant, a little sculpture, and a sophisticated painting and you will have a great place to settle.

Final thoughts on old money living rooms

Old money living rooms are a crucial Ort of any old money home and die to a rich history and a fair amount of wealth, these rooms are typically the heart of a house.

With some formal but cozy details, an old money living room can be used for a nice family evening as well as a business meeting with a fellow well-off partner.


What does it cost to get an old money living room?

If you are starting from scratch, expect to pay at least $5,000 up to $50,000. If you just want to add some old money details, it will come cheaper.

What are the best brands to design an old money living room?

Ethan Allen, Ralph Lauren Home, and Baker Furniture are the best brands when it comes to designing an old money living room.

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