Old money winter outfits for 2024: Timeless classics

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Old money winter essentials provide numerous options for achieving an elegant and cozy appearance even in the chilliest of seasons, ensuring both comfort and warmth.

Ranging from cozy sweaters to sophisticated dresses and cardigans, old money winter outfits offer a variety of opportunities to style, mix, and max lots of unique garments to create that elegant and timeless look. 

Outfit suggestions for men and women

Let’s start this article with some quick outfit suggestions on what to wear in winter to represent that old money aesthetic.

By combining a wool coat with a hat, you can add a touch of elegance to almost any outfit. The additional wool scarf rounds up this outfit perfectly. A more or less unicolored neutral look will work best, just like those featured in this picture.

This ensemble of a timeless zip-sweater combined with grey chinos makes up a great outfit for the colder months. Whilst the belt and boots do not match perfectly, this outfit gives off an elegant aesthetic.

It’s time to enjoy the coldest of days with this outfit that boasts a combination of some elegant neutral-colored clothes with a massive coat above. This truly old money-looking outfit will serve you well on almost any occasion.

This ensemble is suited perfectly for a cold and rainy day in the city. With the combination of a cozy turtleneck sweater, a tweed coat, some gloves, and a pair of jeans or chinos, this outfit is suitable for formal and casual outings.

You don’t need to have real fur attached to your coat to look like a million dollars. It definitely adds some sophistication though. With a turtleneck sweater and some leather leggings or Chinos underneath, this outfit will look stunning.

This is the outfit suitable for a formal occasion the most. Whilst still providing warmth, the combination of an Oxford shirt and a wool sweater may just be the most old-money-like outfit for the winter. Combine it with some wool pants or chinos for an elegant look and throw a coat above.

This casual ensemble shows one of the great opportunities you have with wearing a cable knit sweater. This outstanding piece of clothing, in my opinion, is combined with some black jeans forming an elegant but casual look.

Let’s enjoy this beautiful ensemble of a nice wool sweater combined with some fashionable chinos. This timeless classic will work on almost any given occasion and ensures a great fit.

Old money winter essentials

To easily create cozy and elegant outfits, let’s look at some old-money winter essentials suitable for the cold season.  Even though, it is part of winter, old money Christmas outfits will not be part of this list.

You can find out more about old money at Christmas as well as their Christmas outfits here.

For any of those garments, opt for high-quality materials and a good fit. Not only do fabrics like wool, cashmere, cotton, and tweed offer great warmth but also they look elegant if of high quality. 

Old money tops for winter

Let’s begin at the top! Quiet Luxury has lots of different garments for you to offer suitable for the coldest of seasons. 

Sweaters: A must-have for every old money outfit, even in other seasons, is a cozy yet fashionable sweater. This fine piece of knitwear, may it be a zip– or crew neck sweater, a turtleneck sweater, a wool-, or a cable knit sweater, will be the go-to item for any occasion. Opt for a high quality, a rather tight fit, and neutral colors.

To get a guide on which sweater to pick to look old money at any price, check out this article.

Oxford shirt: This often underrated garment will come into play a lot in old money winter outfits. Typically used as something to layer, this garment blends in with a sweater or blazer perfectly. Also, you can get rid of the additional layer and wear the Oxford shirt indoors making it very versatile.

Dresses: How can I wear a dress in this cold of a season, you might ask. Actually, several types of dresses come into play here. First, you can wear a simple black dress with long sleeves. Also, a silk dress may be a great one to wear on a formal occasion. Logically, you will want to wear tights underneath and layer them with a coat. Lastly, a knit dress makes up a cozy but still elegant garment for the winter.

Old money bottoms for winter

To stay warm from the waist down, the following selection of bottoms offers enduring and cozy fashion ideas:

  • Chinos
  • Wool pants 
  • Tailored pants
  • Tweed skirts
  • Jeans

These can be worn on almost any occasion. Try to keep them clean from the dirt!

Old money outerwear for winter

To keep the layering elegant but cozy, the best option is a timeless coat. 

  • Pea coats 
  • Camel coats
  • Wool coats
  • Tweed coats
  • Trench coats
  • (Faux) Fur coats

Are typical garments for a timeless look. Alternatively, you can opt for a puffer jacket or vest to protect you from the cold.

Old money winter shoes

By wearing some old money shoes, you can achieve an elegant look while keeping your feet protected from the cold. The following options will be a great fit for you.

Boots: Boots are the most versatile an elegant footwear in the winter. You can wear them to any occasion, go through mud without getting your clothes wet but also look fashionable in the dry. 

Opt for Chelsea boots, Riding boots, Fur-Lined boots, Waterproof boots, leather boots, or over-knee boots to get the most out of your footwear.

Sneakers: If it is not as dirty outside, some elegant sneakers will be a great fit for you. With a clean design and made out of leather, elegant sneakers will look great on almost any outfit.

Loafers: They may not be suited for the rain but some classic slip-on loafers are still fashionable during winter. This old money shoe offers timeless elegance combined with a comfortable fit.

The power of layering

As you can imagine, layering is the best option to not only stay warm in winter but also give off an elegant vibe whilst doing it. Hence, the art of layering is cherished by old money and has been impeccably mastered.

By choosing neutral colors, you have the opportunity to combine various garments and layer them over each other. The best look, in my opinion, consists of a button-down or Oxford shirt with an elegant sweaterabove. Additionally, you will want to add some timeless pants. Complement the outfit with a tweed or camel coat and complete it with some Chelsea boots and a watch or jewelry.

This outfit will work for both men and women. Alternatively, you can switch to a skirt with some tights underneath or pick one of the above-mentioned dresses

Brands for old money winter attire

To guarantee remarkable quality, this short list of brands will give you a quick overview of where to buy great garments for your old money style in the winter.

If you’re interested in a much more detailed list, check out my article about affordable and designer old money brands.

This picture shows an Oxford shirt and a Wool sweater from Ralph Lauren. A perfect combination for winter.

Ralph Lauren: Ralph Lauren is a prime source for some of the finest old money-style clothing. Especially, their sweaters and Oxford shirts feature an outstanding quality combined with a remarkable fit. Whilst they have a rather high price tag, I would opt to buy some essentials like a zip sweater and an Oxford shirt.

Brooks Brothers: This brand is renowned for its formal and timeless attire. They offer some great chinos and knitwear you will want to have a look at.

Barbour: Being known for their remarkable outerwear, Barbour not only offers a great variety of coats and jackets but also calls many shoes their own. To get a wool coat and some Chelsea boots, I would definitely opt for Barbour.

Equipment: Whilst being quite pricy, Equipment offers a variety of remarkable dresses suited for the winter. Take a look at their outstanding collection to see more.

Final thoughts on old money winter outfits

Old money winter style differs quite a little from the typical attire in this colder season. Old money winter outfits exude an elegant and timeless aura while maintaining a balance between comfort and formality. 

Try to mix and match those featured garments and if you can’t afford these rather expensive brands, Zara, Bershka, and H&M offer great alternatives.

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