The 24 best Old money gift ideas

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Enter the world of timeless elegance with old money gifts – a realm where tradition meets sophistication. From classic watches to unique experiences, old money loves to make an effort when it comes to giving.

Due to inherited wealth and generally a good financial situation, old money gifts typically are a little more expensive than the normal git. To any occasion, may it be Christmas, a Birthday, or something else, gifts of quiet luxury will stand out.

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Vintage Watches

A timeless vintage watch is a great gift for a sophisticated gentleman as well as for her. With a variety of different timepieces to choose from, the selection may not be as easy.  A timeless watch should be of high quality and natural materials. The price may vary between only $200 up to multiple 1000s. This depends on what you are willing to spend for a vintage watch.

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Elegant Pen

A present that definitely sets you apart from others is a luxurious and elegant pen. Brands like Montblanc or S.T. Dupont offer great staples at a rather high price. These timeless pens are not only a symbol of status but also guarantee great and effortless writing. So, go ahead and get your loved ones some noble pens.

This image shows an elegant pen
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Especially for women, a timeless and elegant necklace or a bracelet will be a great gift. Opt for pearl or gold as the main materials and try to pick high-quality jewelry. Great brands for a bracelet or necklace are Van Cleef & Arpels or Dior. They might be a little more expensive than other brands but offer stunning necklaces and bracelets.

This image shows a variation of necklace and bracelets with cloverleafs.
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This image shows a timeless bracelet with cloverleafs
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Timeless rings

A timeless ring can be a great old money gift for him and her. It Shouldn’t be the wedding ring, but such an accessory can look great on any hand. Timeless staples from Cartier or Boucheron offer unique rings that will make a great gift.

Thi image shows a gold ring with small stones embedded: A perfect old money gift
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Sophisticated earrings

Earrings offer a variety of options to choose from when it comes to gifting. Typically, some pearl earrings with a little gold are the perfect choice. Some small ornaments are also great. Harry Winston and Bulgari offer unique staples that will make a great old money gift for her.

This image shows a great old money gift: Some pearl earrings.
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High-quality clothes

Presenting clothing as a gift is not just a wonderful idea; it also allows you to subtly impact someone’s style. Opting for designer apparel from renowned brands such as Ralph Lauren, Brunello Cucinelli, or Loro Piana transforms the gesture into a sophisticated and timeless present. Some of these items people may not see a need to buy for themselves which makes them a perfect gift. 

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Stylish shoes 

Shoes are an important aspect of any outfit and therefore offer a great old money gift. Loafers, dress shoes, boat shoes, elegant sneakers, and boots make stunning gifts to get your loved ones.

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For a more refined interior design or garden, a sculpture can make a great old money gift. If it fits the overall aesthetic, this sophisticated décor element can have a great impact on someone’s home. Try to choose classic designs like David from Michelangelo, The Thinker, or The Venus de Milo are timeless and do not look too unique to not fit the old money aesthetic.

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This image shows a roman statue...a great old money gift

Antique furniture

Antique and high-quality furniture is a great gift to add a touch of elegance to a home. A nice armchair or a matching couch table are great pieces of furniture you can gift somebody.

Individual Painting

Sticking to the art, a timeless painting is a great and individual gift money can buy. You can hire a painter to paint a picture, a memory, or a great moment of you and your loved ones to keep this memory forever. Also, you can buy a painting from an artist matching your interior design.

Classic Car

A painting or a sculpture is too cheap and impractical? Then, let’s try a car. A timeless car is a great gift, especially for the 18th or 21st  birthday. Timeless classics like a Range Rover or a Porsche might be a little too much but a Fiat or Mini are great cars that give off the typical young-and-rich vibe.

Monogrammed items

Like in the old times, a monogrammed item or accessory is a great way to add a little detail to someone’s desk or outfit. Cufflinks or a stamp with the initials embedded are great old money gifts that are also rather affordable.

Golf/Tennis equipment

We’ve been on the affordable side for too long now. Let’s get back to the more expensive old money gifts with equipment for old money’s favorite hobbies: Golf and Tennis. A nice new racket or the missing golf club in the collection are great old money gifts.

A great old money gift: Some golf gloves!
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this image shows a white tennis skirt.
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Thi image shows tennis grips...a great old money gift
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A membership at an exclusive golf club or other clubs is a great gift a person can make. Maybe it is your parents showing you their exclusive old money club or just getting you access to like-minded people. Nevertheless, a membership can be a great gift.

Antique books

Vintage books or informative books, in general, are a great gift that not only shows great taste but also encourages the receiver of the gift to get to know this topic further. A book is a timeless and individual gift you can often link to a personal connection.


Not as individual but also a great old money gift is a timeless perfume. An elegant scent shows you care for a person and want them to smell great. Maybe it could also be a subtle hint to move from a signature scent to something different, who knows?

This picture shows the perfume Ralph Lauren Polo.


It may not be as exciting of a present compared to a car but it can be much more “expensive”. Especially for children or soon-to-be grown-ups, an investment can be a great present. This may include a private fond or equity in the family business but can also be a college tuition so you can go to a prestigious Ivy League University.


Coming back to the more exciting old money gifts, a vacation is a great way to make memories together. Also, you could have your parents gone for a while so that you can party at their place a little. Nevertheless, a vacation might be costly but is a great and unique gift.

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This picture shows Tuscany in all of its beauty with a large mansion between trees in the middle of fields.

Technological devices

Even old money adapts to modern times, so it is no wonder, they also use quiet modern devices like the latest iPhone. An iPhone or a MacBook might just be the perfect old money gift as it is unique and very practical. 

Luxurious Compass

A luxurious compass not only always guides the way but is a symbol of adventure and places far away. This symbolic item makes a unique old money gift you can make someone who loves to travel or just as an aesthetic accessory for a desk.

This image shows a luxurious compass.
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Rare coins or stamps

This gift works best if the receiver has an affection for collecting things. You can get them a coin or rare stamp that’s missing from the collection. This not only shows you care for them but is a timeless gift with old money character.

Unique Wine

Maybe, you will want to drink this one instead of just collecting it. A rare bottle of great wine is a great gift, especially for wine enthusiasts. This gift shows good taste and a refined wine can be the perfect addition to a classy dinner.

Fine porcelain

Fine porcelain can be a great gift to enhance someone’s kitchen. Not only is it part of any old money kitchen but also can it express elegance and timelessness. Elegant porcelain from brands like Wedgwood or Royal Copenhagen is perfect as an old money gift.

Stylish Bag

Let’s finish off this list with a timeless gift for an elegant woman. May it be a tote bag, a purse, or something else, a bag is a great old money accessory and gift you can make. With timeless designs brands like Dior, Chanel and many others offer timeless purses. For bags, Longchamp and Goyard offer great deals.

Final thoughts on old money gifts

As you can see from this article, old money gifts are timeless classics as well as rather unique ones like sculptures or investments. Besides all the money, gifting someone special something should at best have a personal note and match the likes and interests of the receiving person.


What are the perfect old money gifts for her?

The perfect old money gifts for her are a nice bracelet, a necklace, or a timeless bag.

What are the perfect old money gifts for him?

The perfect old money gifts for him include a monogrammed accessory like some cufflinks, a timeless watch, or some designer clothes from Ralph Lauren or Loro Piana.

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