Timeless Old Money Kitchen Ideas for Luxury Design

This picture shows an old money kitchen full of light and natural materials.

Whether they cook themselves or let the chef do it, old money offers elegant and timeless kitchens. These old money kitchens are typically luxurious without being too opulent. But how do they look?

As a general rule, old money kitchens are characterized by spacious rooms combining luxury with functionality. With high-quality materials like wood or marble, those cooking spaces stand out as timeless alternatives to those modern kitchens.

This article will feature a variety of elements old money kitchens include as well as some specific styles you can adapt to build an old money kitchen.

Definition of old money

Old money can be defined as “money that has been passed down for multiple generations”. Individuals with old money often live exclusive lifestyles. These include exclusive activities, a unique style, and most importantly: Huge, beautiful mansions.

Inside those mansions, old money interior design elements can be found everywhere. Typically, those rooms are held in one specific style and color scheme mostly featuring neutral colors. 

As the kitchen is said to be the heart of any home, they must nail its design. You can level up your kitchen by implementing those old money design elements too.

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Essentials of an Old Money Kitchen

Any old money kitchen must have certain elements that make them recognizable. Typically, these elements are of a high quality and timeless design.

this picture shows a spacious and timeless kitchen.

Spacious layout

A spacious layout is a crucial base for any old money kitchen to function properly. Not only is it beneficial to have some space to move but also it allows for lots of natural light to come in. This often is a feature of old money houses and their grand appeal.

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Vintage/antique appliances

Another common feature of old money kitchens is their retro appliances whilst there may be some more modern alternatives, most of those appliances still do their work pretty damn well. 

Typical elements include Vintage Stoves and Ovens, Copper or Brass Kitchen Tools, vintage Coffee makers, and many other kitchen elements. 

Neutral colored materials

To get all counters and kitchen tools to still look elegant, old money chooses neutral colors. As these elements harmonize with each other, they not only avoid a dull appearance but also offer the opportunity to create distinctive and unique aesthetics when combined.

White, grey, black, dark green, and beige are common colors used in old money kitchens.

High-quality materials

What would a timeless old money kitchen look like with cheap materials? Awful! So, quiet luxury doesn’t shy away from high-quality materials that might be a little more costly. Marble or Granite countertops, hardwood cabinetry and flooring, brass, and copper fixtures, and ceramic or porcelain dishes are often featured in these kinds of kitchens.

The conflict between functionality and timelessness

Whilst an antique Coffee maker or a retro stove may look great, they are by far not as functional as a coffee machine or a modern stove. This creates a dilemma for old money’s kitchens as the timeless and elegant alternatives might have to be replaced with modern stuff.

Luckily, some brands like Smeg Kitchen Suite or Tecnogas Superiore Deco Series offer exactly those vintage-looking but modern appliances for the kitchen. When it comes to replacing broken countertops with marble or granite ones and the kitchen cabinets with hardwood ones. Ideally, match those marble countertops to the tiles in the old money bathroom for a unique look.

This picture shows a comparison between a modern kitchen and a vintage one.

Different old money kitchen styles

Similar to old money living rooms, old money kitchens can be divided into different styles. Here, the styles are similar to those of the living rooms.

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Traditional American kitchen 

Dark kitchen style: This old money interior design style features lots of hardwood work. Ornamented countertops and kitchen cupboards are comely used here. This style needs a lot of natural light to not look depressing though.

Light-colored kitchen style: This light-colored style still has a lot of wood embedded which typically comes in a light brown or is painted in white. Also, it features a lot less ornaments compared to its darker companion.

English country kitchen 

Similar to their overall aesthetic, the English country interior design style also offers some colorful options for the kitchen. Starting with red-painted hardwood combined with lots of neutral tones, this style may just be the most colorful of them all.

French provincial kitchen

Especially modern French provincial kitchens are characterized by lots and lots of natural light, bright white countertops, and small ornaments. Additionally, you will find lots of light-colored woods like maple or birch with this old money kitchen style.

How to make your kitchen old money

“So, how can I make my kitchen appear old money then”, you might ask. First of all, this is highly dependent on your current situation. But let’s break it down.

If you do not have anything in your kitchen, start with neutral-colored wooden Inset cabinetry at the bottom and matching cabinets at the wall. These might be a little costly, but they will be worth the price. 

Additionally, if you like to spice up the room a little, add some crown molding or decorative trim. Afterward, some brass or copper kitchen tools and opt for ceramic or porcelain dishes.

If you still find some elements to be missing, you can add a tiled backsplash as well as timeless vintage art.

With these little adaptions, you can transform your kitchen into a stunning old money kitchen.

Final thoughts on old money kitchen

As you can see from this article, an old money kitchen can be a great investment. With timeless designs and a balance between vintage and modernity, these types of kitchens offer a great alternative to modern ones.


What does it cost to get an old money kitchen?

If you just want to make small adaptions, $2,000 should be a good starting point. This can go up to $50,000-100,000 really quickly if you want to add a completely new one with high-quality materials.

What are the best brands for an old money kitchen?

La Cornue, Julius Blum & Co, and Tecnogas Superiore Deco Series are the best brands for any old money kitchen.

What makes a kitchen look rich?

High-quality materials like granite or marble as well as hardwood cabinets and brass appliances make a kitchen look rich.

How can I make my kitchen look expensive on a budget?

Paint the cabinets in a neutral color, add matching appliances, and opt for a material that looks like marble or granite.

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