VSCO preppy: A full on guide and outfit ideas.

A woman wears a vsco preppy outfit with a headband.

A certain form of the preppy style, that is more modern and popular amongst younger generations is the VSCO aesthetic. But what exactly is VSCO preppy?

As a whole, VSCO preppy describes a blend of classic preppy elements with modern and relaxed items of clothing. Typical for this style are oversized shirts, sandals, washed denim shorts, and Hoodies in bright colors like pink and blue and patterns like cheetah or giraffe. 

There is more to the VSCO preppy style than that though. It also has a pretty unique origin that we will discuss in this article along with some outfit ideas and tips on how to style this aesthetic. 

What is VSCO?

VSCO (Virtual Supply Company)– a platform that should originally provide photographers ways to edit and share their images with an audience. The platform offers several ways to edit pictures and apply filters as well as the creation of a profile to share the image.

This led to an opportunity for young people that wanted to express themselves by posting their own edited pictures and creating their own aesthetics. This works better for younger generations as they do not rely on text-based forms of social media like on other platforms. 

In the late 2010s, the VSCO preppy aesthetic arose as people of the so-called TikTok generation started to publish posts at VSCO that featured parts of the preppy style.

This was when the expression “preppy girl” came up.

What is VSCO preppy?

As the VSCO preppy aesthetic arose, it had some key features to it that didn’t change till this day. This style likes to combinate preppy features like button-down and polo shirts or chino pants and loafers with modern and relaxed clothes like oversized t-shirts and sandals. 

Additionally, the clothes of this style have unique colors. These are pastel colors baby blue and pink as the most popular ones but also yellow and mint green. Alongside unique colors, this style also features some extraordinary patterns. These patterns are plaid, gingham, stripes, and animal patterns like cheetah or giraffe. 

This style in general is more based on beachy looks for the warmer seasons and is mostly suited for women. Apart from the few modern clothes of this style, the preppy items are dominating. Blazers, Sweaters, A-line skirts, pearls, and Oxford shirts are typically known for preppy style and will be found in this too. 

VSCO preppy outfits

As a general rule, VSCO preppy outfits consist of preppy clothing items like Button-down shirts or polo shirts and modern clothes like denim shorts. These are often worn in bright colors such as pink and blue. Now, let’s look at some outfit inspirations.

Trendy Skirt outfits

The combination of a light-colored skirt and a top that consists of a t-shirt or a sweater is very common when it comes to the VSCO preppy aesthetic. If you want to wear this outfit, try to create a contrast with your skirt and top. For shoes, I would recommend wearing sandals or flip-flops.

Oversized look

A girl takes a mirror selfie and wears a vsco preppy outfit.

Another way to wear this style is by combining an oversized item like a sweater or a t-shirt with some shorts or jeans. Typically, the tops will have some unique imprints that are usually pretty colorful. Additionally, you will want to accessorize it properly with things like a hat and purses or bags.

Linen shirt 

Another outfit of this particular style is when you are wearing a wide-cut beige or white linen shirt. You can wear this over a bikini or summer outfit. This is usually suited for the beach or a bar on a hot summer day. 

If you want to know more about outfit ideas, check out my article about 23 preppy outfits.

This image shows a vsco preppy outfit in form of a blue linen shirt over a simple combination of a white top and shorts.

How to dress for VSCO preppy

This section will give you an overlook of how to easily incorporate the VSCO preppy style into your usual style. If you already possess preppy clothes, the first tip will not apply to you in terms of preppy clothes but rather to modern clothes. We will assume for this that you already own modern clothes. 

  • Start with some easily combinable pieces
  • Be expeditive with colors and patterns
  • Mix up your outfits
  • Opt for quality over quantity
  • Layer up your outfits
  • Accessorize 

If you follow these tips, you will master the VSCO preppy aesthetic.  

VSCO preppy lifestyle

The lifestyle of the people wearing VSCO preppy style is usually said to be rather elitist and luxurious. Coming from wealthy families, people usually stick to their own group. This is also one point of criticism this aesthetic gets, being exclusively meant for the people of this social class. 

Similar to the preppy aesthetic, VSCO preppy usually comes from the upper-middle and upper class. One main difference between these groups in comparison to prep is their age. Usually the girls, following this aesthetic are younger than the young adults following the preppy aesthetic.

Final thoughts on VSCO preppy

As we could read from this article, VSCO preppy is more than just some shiny colors and patterns. Also, if you follow the tips and outfit inspirations given in this article, you can create this style the best. Just try to focus on quality and be confident

If you found this article helpful or want to know more about a certain topic, don’t hesitate to write me a comment. 

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