Wealth and exclusiveness: 17 best old money travel destinations for holidays

This picture of Polynesia sets the tone for this article about old money travel destinations.

As a part of their wealthy lifestyle, old money does not only work hard but also likes to take time off. For their holidays, old money will want certain criteria to be matched to get proper rest. Which each old money travel destination we will look at in this article, you can match these criteria. 

First, it is important to note that old money likes to spend their holidays at exclusive places portraying their wealth and potentially meet important people. Also, cleanliness, safety, and high-end luxury are important for old money. So, now we will show you which places old money likes to travel to. 

Lake Como

As Italy is one of the countries associated the most with old money, it is no wonder that Lake Como stands at the top of this list. This destination not only portrays a beautiful landscape with high mountains and a blue lake. It also features some unbelievable architecture

Apart from the landscape, luxury resorts offer exclusivity and privacy. You can relax at the resort and be carefree for some time which is a great thing money can buy. Additionally, as Italy and especially this region has been and still is a place for many artists and rich individuals to meet, this again defines Lake Como as a great travel destination.

Also, the lake as well as the resorts offer some great opportunities for old money activities like driving your boat. This also allows you to see the scenery nobody else can come close to without a boat. 

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This picture shows an old money travel destination, Lake Como.
In this picture, you can see the beautiful coast of the lake como. The building is the most famous one in this region called Villa del Balbianello.


For this next destination, we will move from Italy all the way to the USA. The Hamptons are arguably the most famous travel destination in the USA for old money. Not only do they consist of a beautiful landscape with long beaches and green fields. Also, they contain some of the most expensive buildings you can find anywhere in the world. 

This comes in handy for old money as you can not only come together in an exclusive place with high security and beautiful old money houses but also, you can do networking and meet important people as well. 

When it comes to things to experience, the Hamptons have to offer a ton of stuff. From luxury resorts to great villa rentals to fine dining and shopping, the Hamptons have a lot to offer. So, you are able to just relax from the stressful business. 

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This picture shows an on-top view of a part of the Hamptons, an old money travel destination like hardly an other.
Source: The Real Deal


Again, we will find ourselves back in Italy, in Tuscany. For me, this is one of the most beautiful places to exist and an old money travel destination you have to visit at some point. Just imagine driving through the vineyards or cornfields in an old money car. For me, it can’t get any better than that. 

Apart from the scenery, Tuscany offers great mansions and luxury resorts that give you a feeling of privacyand exclusivity. You may also invite your well-off friends to your country estate in the vineyards. Another big factor is the Italian food which you can either cook on your own or eat in delightful restaurants in small villages. 

If you are more on the active side, this place offers some great historical monuments like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. All in all, Tuscany is a great place for old money people to meet and spend their holidays. 

This picture shows Tuscany in all of its beauty with a large mansion between trees in the middle of fields.

St. Moritz

From the summer, we will now take a look at the most renowned winter region for old money. We talk about the Swiss, and especially St. Moritz. This small town has a long-standing prestige as it was a luxury ski resort back in the 19th century and still is to this day. As Swiss is generally a rich country, the prices for a night in a luxury resort are rather expensive. This ensures old money exclusivity and meetups with like-minded people.

Apart from skiing, you can also admire the scenery of the Alps or go ice skating or shopping. Some hotels even offer a concierge service to have you go shopping at your hotel suite. As the main focus in St. Moritz is on skiing and snowboarding, I would advise you to do so at this old money travel destination. 

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This picture shows jockeys racing horses on the frozen lake in St. Moritz


Similar to St. Moritz, Gstaad also is located in Swiss and is known for its skiing resorts. What makes it different from St. Moritz is its calm and understated atmosphere. As in St. Moritz, it will be a lot louder and you can go out partying a lot more, Gstaad is great for relaxing. You can attend lots of Spa to calm down. 

Also, the ski area and the town, in general, are a lot more family-friendly. Gstaad offers you a great relaxing alternative to St. Moritz whilst not falling short in terms of luxury and exclusiveness. 

Saint Tropez

Similar to the region around Lake Como, Saint Tropez, and generally the region of the Côte d’Azur historically were places where artists and writers came from. Therefore, it had the image of a glamorous and luxurious destination. This only solidifies these days as many rich people and also old money come to visit this beautiful town.

You may either take a plane or a car. Also, you can arrive in Saint Tropez with style and choose the Yacht. You will not only make a great entrance to the town but also can sleep on your boat. 

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This place not only has stunning things to offer at the water but also at the beach. Saint Tropez is known for its beach clubs and nightlife as you can party a lot in this remarkable city. 

Though the partying, old money still likes to visit. One reason being is that you can go shopping and hang out with your Yacht beside other wealthy individuals.

Here, you can see Saint Tropez, an old money travel destination. Besides the church, there is a mega yacht in the background.

Palm Beach

If you are familiar with old money and its clubs and communities, you will most likely have heard of Palm Beach. This old money travel destination in the State of Florida is known for its very high exclusivity. Not only will you find exclusive resorts there, but also some of the wealthiest individuals on this earth.

As Palm Beach was and will be home to many old money communities and exclusive golf clubs, old money will always find its way there. Besides activities like golf or tennis, you can also go shopping, dine, or admire the architecture.

Also, you can get some precious contacts there and be able to level your investments or business up a lot. If you live in the USA, Palm Beach can be a trip for just a couple of days which makes it worth even more to be a member of these highly exclusive old money clubs.

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The island of Sardinia is mostly known for its diverse and beautiful landscape including mountains, forests, long sandy beaches, blue water, huge grottos, and small villages. I have been to this island a lot and can tell you it is absolutely beautiful. 

If you want to experience some real luxury, you will have to go to the Costa Smeralda. This coastline not only is a place for a fashion outlet featuring old money brands. It also features amazing cliffs and a place for lots of yachts to come. There, you can see the wealthiest individuals in the world like Jeff Bezos with his sailing yacht that I got to see.

You may want to stay in a resort or just rent a villa in this area as this is one of the most beautiful places in the world and also highly exclusive. 

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Here, you can see the Costa Smeralda in Sardinia. Lots of big yachts are typically there, as well as many luxury resorts and villas.
In this picture, you can see a part of Sardinia, an old money travel destination. It shows a white sandy beach and beautiful blue water.


The region around Amalfi has been rich ever since as this has been an important hub for transport and trade. Nowadays, Amalfi is known for its beautiful coastline and high mountains with its historic villas andmedieval buildings. 

Apart from the architecture, you can relax in luxury resorts, go dining, or admire the arts and culture. For some more exclusivity, you may also watch this scenery from your own yacht.


The city of Cannes is known for one thing mostly. It hosts one of the biggest and most renowned film festivals in the world. Lots of celebrities and filmmakers get to this region and so does old money. Besides films, you may also admire art galleries, or even buy your own painting. 

Apart from culture and films, Cannes offers some high-end luxury resorts and gives you lots of exclusivity. Also, you may wander the beautiful coastline and harbor or just sit at the sea on your own yacht. You may also do a little partying in the many beach clubs or for a relaxed alternative savor the dining experienceCannes has to offer.

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Here, you can see Cannes with its famous harbour.


We cannot make a list of old money travel destinations and not include Monaco. Monaco has a bright history with its casino and tax benefits and therefore attracts lots of wealthy individuals that seek houses and luxury apartments to profit from these benefits. 

Also, you can see luxury and exclusivity everywhere you go in Monaco, starting with cars or shops. Another big influence on why old money likes to travel to Monaco is their chances of networking. In a place where so many wealthy individuals gather, you will have great chances of finding investors or business partners. 

Apart from business, this old money travel destination offers beautiful scenery with high mountains and stunning architecture. You can either watch this from your yacht or rent or buy property in Monaco directly. 

The last benefit is the events Monaco hosts. From Formula 1 to Yacht shows or the Monte Carlo rally, Monaco offers great events to gather and enjoy all the privileges of a wealthy lifestyle. 

In this picture, you can see Monaco, an old money travel destination with its famous harbor during a Formal 1 event.


The island of Capri with its limestone rocks and beautiful mountains not only is incredibly beautiful but also considered to be an old money travel destination. Apart from its natural beauty, Capri has to offer some great historical monuments like the villa of Ceasar that will attract old money to visit them. 

Apart from that, this island offers luxury resorts and hotels as well as a high-end shopping scene. Also, you can visit and admire Capri whilst laying on your Yacht in the bay. If you are drawn to the island, fine dining will await you for an exclusive and breathtaking experience. 


Switching to winter travel destinations, Aspen has to be on this list. Not only is this place in the State of Colorado renowned for its natural beauty and lots of snow but also does it offer great opportunities to go skiing with class. 

As this place has always been associated with the wealthy elite, it is purely logical for old money to maintain their tradition and go skiing like their great-grandparents already did. Apart from skiing, Aspen offers some great old money architecture as well as fine dining and a luxurious lifestyle. This is also due to the luxury resorts offering great opportunities to let go of all the things stressing you.

If you want to go skiing with class in the USA, Aspen is the go-to place and an old money travel destination.


Like Aspen in the USA, Courchevel is renowned to be the most luxurious old money travel destination in France when it comes to old money travel destinations in the winter. With its beautiful landscape and wooden houses in the Alpine style, this destination is just stunning. Exceptional skiing opportunities, lots of luxury, and even a private Airport attract old money to come and visit this exclusive place.

You can either connect with like-minded people through casual meetups at luxury resorts or go dining orshopping exclusively. If you just want to relax, wellness and private Chauffeurs will serve you well.

In this picture, you can see Courchevel, an old money travel destination and a beautiful place to spend your holidays.

St. Barthélemy

St. Barthélemy, also known as St. Barts, is part of the Leeward Islands. This old money travel destination offers amazing scenery with its crystal-clear water and beautiful landscape. It is highly exclusive as there is not much else in this area other than luxury resorts and rich people enjoying life.

As St. Barts is renowned for its jet-setter lifestyle, many celebrities come to visit this island. This results in it being rather popular among wealthy individuals. You don’t have to stay in their resorts, as you can also admire this island from your yacht amongst other Mega Yachts. 


From the Caribean Sea, we head straight back up to Europe to our most mentioned country, Italy. There, the small city of Portofino, located on the Riviera in northwest Italy, stands out to be an old money travel destination. 

This place has been and still is a place associated with aristocrats and other affluent individuals and therefore is very interesting for old money. Here, colorful buildings and historical monuments adorn the landscape of high mountains and the glamorous harbor.

Old money loves art and paintings and therefore, it is beneficial that Portofino holds art exhibitions and other cultural events annually. Besides these social events, you can also experience great dining opportunities and go shopping in luxury boutiques.

This picture shows Portofino, a small town in Italy. It has colorful buildings and a beautiful landscape.


Mostly known for its parties and mostly German tourists, Mallorca also has some beautiful places you may not be familiar with. This may not be the typical old money travel destination but one that is worth mentioning. With rich communities in the north and east, Mallorca offers great opportunities for old money to take a rest. 

With a beautiful landscape of a mixture of fields and mountains as well as the sea, Mallorca offers great opportunities to relax. This also shows in the many luxury resorts where you can play tennis or golf. If you are on the more active side, this island is a place where lots of road cyclists train because of high rises. 

If you just want to relax, there are some pretty bays and beaches with only a few visitors and great buildings you may rent. Even tennis players like Nadal have estates on this island to take a rest.


As you can see from this article, old money loves to travel to many different destinations in the world. Criteria like a rich history, luxury resorts, and exclusive offerings are typical for all these mentioned cities and countries. 

If you want to take a gasp of this lifestyle, just go and visit some of them and feel the rich life whilst not being in a crappy hotel with bad food and lots of people. 

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