What is the classic style for women?

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The classic style for women is a type of fashion that is in trend right now, not only because of sustainable ways of dressing but also elegance. But what exactly is the classic style for women?

As a general rule, the classic style for women is about timeless pieces of clothing that represent sophistication and elegance. Typical features of the classic style for women are well-tailored garments like trousers, blazers, or blouses that are held in neutral colors like grey, beige, black, white, or navy.

Since there is way more about this style than we can fit in this short description, let’s look at some trademarks and tips on how to wear the classic style for women. 


The classic style emerged in the early 20th century as a result of the ongoing changes in the fashion industry. Due to mass production, well-tailored clothes were more affordable. 

With the perception of a “modern woman”, women’s style got simpler and more practical.

The 1950s and 1960s started incorporating more feminine elements and a feminine figure. Skirts and fitted jackets were popular elements at that time. 

In the 1980s though, the classic style for women went into an expressing direction as women more and more entered the business world. A suit was a great symbol of power for women these days. 

Key elements of the classic style for women

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Now we will discuss some key elements of the classic style for women. 

Unlike the soft classic style, this one is most suited for formal occasions, so tailored clothes and clean lines are key features of it. Moreover, this style likes to incorporate formal accessories like small earrings, a bracelet, or a watch, which can further level up this style. 

Another key element is the principle: Quality over quantity. Also, no bright colors or logos need to be on clothes for this style. Neutral colors and simple and minimal patterns are features, the classic style for women is known for. 

Lastly, this style isn’t affected by trends and changes in the fashion world. The timeless garments offer a great variety of combinations that don’t support the need for a new trend. 

The key elements that separate the classic style for women from the classic style for men are a strong feminine or masculine silhouette as well a small selection of shoes on the male side.

If you want to read more about this, check out my article about the classic men’s style.

Classic women’s style clothes

The classic women’s style offers some very versatile pieces of clothing that we will look at now: 

  • Suit
  • Blazer
  • Little black dress
  • Crisp white shirt
  • Tailored trousers
  • A-line skirt
  • Trench coat
  • Pumps
  • Cashmere sweater
  • Striped shirt

These classic clothes cover most of this style and will look elegant and sophisticated. If you want to know more about classic outfits for women, check out my article about them here where I will show you some examples to copy.

For some more inspiration, on which clothes fit this particular style check out this Video:

How to style classic style for women

Now we will show you how to put together an outfit for the classic style for women:

  1. Well-tailored quality clothes: One of the most important aspects before choosing an outfit is the quality which is directly connected to the fit of the clothes. Try to pick well-tailored ones.
  2. Dress according to the occasion: Even though, the classic style for women is mostly formal, don’t wear formal clothes to every occasion. Rather try to dress down your outfits. As an example, try wearing a striped T-shirt under a blazer. 
  1. Embrace a feminine silhouette: You should always keep a feminine silhouette to look elegant as a woman. If you want to know what an even more classic elegant style looks like, check out this article.
  2. Mix and match garments: As this style is very versatile, you can mix and match different clothes to create unique sophisticated looks every time you go out. 
  1. Wear neutral colors: Even though men and women share similar colors when it comes to the classic style, there are still some differences. Besides unisex colors like navy, grey, black, and white, women tend to wear softer colors like beige, blush, or ivory. 
  2. Add classic accessories: Classic accessories level up a style, so you should definably wear some. A leather purse, small necklaces, or pearl jewelry are great accessories to wear. 
  3. Try layering but don’t lose the fit: Empathise layering as an option to create texture and mix up your outfits. As an example, wear a turtleneck sweater underneath a blazer but don’t make it look too baggy.
A woman wears a classic style outfit. She combines the black dress with red pumps.
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By applying these tips, your classic outfits will look great, elegant, and sophisticated. One occasion when you do not want to layer clothes is the summer. If you want to learn more about classic summer clothing, check out my article.

Differences between classic and fast fashion

Now that we spoke about how to dress as a classic woman, we will look at the differences between classic fashion and its exact opposite, fast fashion. 

Classic fashionFast fashion
Timeless  Doesn’t last long
Not tied to trends  Features trendy clothes
High-quality materialsLow-quality materials
More expensive but also more durable Inexpensive but also bad durability
Small quantities producedLarge quantities produced
Rather high production costs   Low production costs but not fairtrade

Overall, classic and fast fashion have some very different approaches to their clothes. While both have their place in fashion, classic style stands out as more sustainable and worthwhile overall. 

Since you will not throw away your classic clothes that often, the price will also be not that high compared to the loads of fast fashion you will need to buy in that time to stay trendy. 


As we can see from this article, the classic style for women is not just a trend that was made popular by social media but rather an offspring of the change in the fashion industry due to new technologies. 

Its timeless pieces and carefully chosen colors and patterns make it a versatile style you can wear to any formal occasion. Moreover, this style beats fast fashion in almost any manner and offers a great option for women to look classy.

 If you found this article helpful or want to leave me some inspiration for a new post, don’t hesitate to write me a comment down below.

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