What is the dramatic classic style about?

A woman wears a dramatic classic outfit: A blazer with plaid pattern, a black purse and a dress underneath.

As a variation of the classic style, the dramatic classic style features a different kind of clothing that hence is closely related to classic fashion. But what is the dramatic classic style about?

In general, the dramatic classic style consists of a mixture of classic style elements like tailored and structured trousers and blazers with bold and striking features like contrasts or patterns. 

As there is a lot more to this style than just the combination of these features, I strongly encourage you to read on.


The dramatic classic style evolved in the early 20th century as it drew inspiration from the Art Deco movement which was popular at that time. Its luxurious and elegant lines and materials influenced the dramatic classic style. As a way to express elegance and sophistication, this style features a combination of classic fabricsand elements and mixes them with dramatic features

Whilst still following many principles of the classic style, the dramatic classic style offers an opportunity to express a dramatic and rather personal look as opposed to the usual clean and formal attire.

Nevertheless, this style still offers some ways to dress formally and matches most occasions pretty well. Now, we will look at some key elements that make this style unique.

A woman wars the dramatic classic style: A white button-down shirt, black trousers, and a scarf with polka dots on it.
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Key elements of the dramatic classic style

This type of classic style features some key elements you will recognize by. For a better overview, we will put them in a list: 

  1. Structured silhouettes: You can’t unsee the connection to the classic style, as this style also features structured silhouettes. No overly loose clothing will fit this style.
  2. Bold colors: Now we will come to a major difference to the classic style, bold colors. These colors will not only look good in this style but will also be used to create a contrast.
  1. Mixture of fabrics: Another way to create a contrast, is the mixture of fabrics. Cotton, leather, silk, lace, and many more fabrics will create great contrasts. Try to keep it simple though.
  2. Adding details: This pays close attention to details. Metal buttons, laces, or ruffles will add great details to your outfit.
  1. Bold patterns: In contrast to the classic style, patterns are pretty common. Geometric shapes, paisley, polka dots, or damask prints are typical for this style.
  2. Extravagant makeup and accessories: This type of classic style likes to stand out. Therefore, the makeup is rather opulent with strong eyeliner, lipstick, or rouge. Additionally, accessories like statement jewelry, big handbags, or rings add another eye-catching detail to the outfits.

Dramatic classic clothes

Now we will look at some clothes, this style uses. For a better overview, we will look at clothes for men and women separately. 


A man wears a red blazer, a hat and holds a cigar.
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For men, this type of classic style offers a wide range of garments to wear:

  • Suits: A tailored suit in bold colors is the perfect choice for a more formal occasion. You can add details like contrast lapels or pocket squares.
  • Trousers: Trousers with patterns like checks or stripes will look great with this style. You can wear dress pants as well as chinos or even jeans.
  • Shirts: Shirts with bold patterns and colors are a good choice for adding a personal touch to your outfits. Geometric shapes or contrast in colors will work pretty well.
  • Textured sweaters: Cable knit sweaters, ribbed sweaters, or some with extraordinary colors will add up perfectly to the dramatic classic style.
  • Outerwear: For outerwear, you will want to choose coats or jackets with extraordinary patterns. Even leather jackets will work well with this style.
  • Shoes: For shoes, loafers, leather boots, or sneakers with uncommon colors will be the perfect choice.
  • Accessories: For accessories, this style again stands out from the other types of classic styles. Bold neckties, a watch, pocket squares, and socks in contrasting colors are common accessories with this style. 

As we can see, the dramatic classic style features some extraordinary clothes that, whilst they still emerge from the classic style, are a lot different. If you want to know more about classic clothes for men, check out my article about classic men’s style


A woman wears a dramatic classic outfit. She wears an all-white look with a navy coat above that has butterflies on it. Also, she wears a turban.
Source: Freepik/azerbaijan_stockers

For women, this style contains some fairly different clothing:

  • Blazers: A structured blazer is one must-have item in your classic wardrobe. For this particular style, bold colors, lapels, or buttons are details a blazer can contain.
  • Trousers: For trousers, the dramatic classic style contains mostly wide-leg pants. These are made out of high-quality materials like silk or satin. 
  • Skirts: For skirts, this style has a lot to offer. A-line skirts, pencil skirts, and pleated skirts are all typical ones for this style. Bold colors, pleats, and ruffles all create visual interest. 
  • Statement dresses: Dresses that consist of bold colors and patterns, are perfectly suited for this style. Asymmetrical cuts will work the same as wrap dresses do.
  • Tops and blouses: For blouses, you should opt for details like exaggerated sleeves or interesting patterns. For tops, bold colors will do the trick.
  • Jumpsuits: Something that is completely new in a type of classic style, is a jumpsuit. With bold colors and unique patterns, you will look great.
  • Overwear: For overwear, coats, and blazers will look great, as well as leather jackets.
  • Shoes: High heels, boots, pumps, or sandals will all contribute to the dramatic classic style very well.
  • Accessories: Lastly, some bold accessories like jewelry, vibrant scarves, purses, and belts will sum up the look of your outfit.

The clothes that we just discussed, will contribute very well to the dramatic classic style. However, they will not be that versatile. For some more versatile inspiration, check out my article about the classic style for women

Difference between dramatic classic style and classic style 

Now we will look at what makes the dramatic classic style different from its origin, the classic style:

Dramatic classic styleClassic style
Bold colors like purple, red, and greenNeutral colors like navy, black, and white
Occasional garments that aren’t that versatileVery versatile clothes, you can wear on any occasion
Attention-grabbing looks and outfitsSimple and classy outfits and looks
More vibrant and changing looksTimeless clothes and looks
Many, experimental silhouettes and fitsTimeless silhouettes and fits
Bold and experimentive accessoriesTimeless and reserved accessories

Dramatic classic style vs other types of classic styles

Now we will look at, what makes this style different and special in comparison to other types of classic style. If you want to get to know more about them, check out my article about the 5 types of classic style

A man wears a textured sweater, a blazer, and a bold trench coat above.
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Generally speaking, the dramatic classic style likes to stand out with its boldness and extravagant clothesmore than the others. Not only the bold colors but also unique patterns and details like metal buttons or unusual hairstyles make this type of classic style special in comparison to others. 

On the opposite, the natural classic style likes to be reserved with colors or patterns and tries to opt for a simpler look. Also, the elegant classic style opposes the dramatic classic style in many ways as formalversatile outfits are its trademark. 

In general, you can surely say that the dramatic classic style is arguably the type of classic style that is most far off the actual origin, the classic style itself.


As we can see from this article, the dramatic classic style is a very bold and extravagant style that lets you express yourself very well. Not only its bright colors or attention-grabbing details but also its clothes itself make this style a very special and noteworthy one. 

I wouldn’t wear this style personally but find it very interesting to see what fashion can create.  

If you found this article helpful or want to leave me some inspiration for other articles, feel free to leave me a comment down below. 

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