What is the gypsy boho style about?

This woman wears the gypsy boho style. She wears black pumps, and a dress with unique patterns and colors like orange or blue.

The gypsy boho style is a type of boho style that draws inspiration from other cultures and fashion influences. But what is it exactly?

The gypsy boho style draws inspiration from other cultures like Romani culture. It shows its free-spirited and eclectic aesthetic by wearing clothes like Rompers, kimonos, and embellished denim jackets.

This short definition gives away the general idea of this type of boho style. In this article, we will show you some key elements of this style as well as some clothes and outfit inspiration. Also, we will show you a comparison to the boho style and tell what makes this style different from the tribal boho style.


To better understand what the gypsy boho style is about, we will first look at what the expression gypsy stands for. The expression gypsy refers to a group of Romani people. They used to and some of them still live a nomadic lifestyle, traveling around Europe and living in Campers most of the time. These gypsies live a free-spirited life with no set home or anything like that and express it through a special style.

The gypsy boho style draws huge inspiration from their traditional clothing. It is very important to treat the heritage of the gypsy boho style with respect the Romani people faced discrimination over the past years. 

Another type of boho style is the tribal boho style. This one can be mistaken for the gypsy boho style but is a different style. Therefore, we will look at a comparison of them later on.

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The portrayed woman wears a boho skirt and a top as a base layer. On top, she wears a ripped denim jacket. As an accessory she chooses a hat.
Source: Freepik/Holiak

Characteristics of gypsy boho style

Now we will look at some key elements of the gypsy boho style. 

  1. The main characteristic of this style is the mixture of traditional gypsy garments and bohemian clothes. This mixture allows us to pick from a variety of different clothes and create unique outfits.
  2. Another thing that comes with the gypsy influence is the free-spirited and eclectic aesthetic. This expresses through unique patterns and combinations.
  1. Speaking of patterns, this style likes to mix them. Patterns like paisley, geometric shapes, and floral are commonly used and can be mixed to create unique looks.
  2. When it comes to colors, this style is not an exception to most types of boho styles. A mixture of earthy colors and bright details is crucial with this style.
  1. The reason why someone could mistake the gypsy boho style for tribal boho is, that it not only draws attention from the gypsy culture but rather many kinds of cultures. We will look at this later on in this article.
  2. Lastly, this style likes to incorporate vintage elements into its outfits. May it be accessories or patterns, they will appear in this style.

Now that we have an overview of what characteristics this type of boho style lives by, we will now look at some typical garments.

This man wears a gypsy boho style outfit: A patterned button-does shirt, some white pants, and a red blazer.
Source: Freepik

Gypsy boho style clothes

We will split this list up into gypsy boho clothes for men and women to gain a more detailed overview.

For men

  • Embroidered jackets
  • Embellished jeans and denim jackets
  • Flowy T-shirts
  • Collarless shirts
  • Relaxed-fit trousers
  • Button-down shirts of natural fabrics
  • Coats
  • Linen Blazers
  • Loafers
  • Sandals
  • Boots

For women

  • Maxi dresses
  • Embellished jeans and hot pants
  • Bell-bottom pants
  • Crochet tops
  • Blouses
  • Embroidered jackets
  • Kimonos
  • Kaftans
  • Loos-fitting T-shirts
  • Capes
  • Sandals
  • Boots
  • Espadrilles
  • Ballet Flats
This woman wears a patterned maxi dress with a belt around the waist. also, she wears some sort of a headscarf.
Source: Freepik

Is bohemian the same as gypsy?

Gypsy boho styleBoho style
Cultural influence by the Romani peopleNo real heritage but a mixture of many influences
More bold colors and detailsRather neutral and earthy colors
Includes specific cultural clothesGives a wider variety of clothes
Lays a focus on handmade garmentsAlso handcrafts garments but also buys mass-produced ones
Includes special hairstyles, Romani inspiredDoesn’t focus on hairstyles
Includes bold and opulent accessoriesUses rather mainstream accessories

Gypsy boho style vs tribal boho style

With that cultural influence, the gypsy boho style and the tribal boho style have, you may wonder: What is the difference between those two? Let me tell you:

The tribal boho style draws inspiration from many indigenous cultures around the world. It conglomerates them in their type of boho style, The gypsy boho style on the other hand has a main influence, the one by the Romani people. It may have some small inspiration drawn from other cultures but the Romani people are its main source of inspiration.

Also, you can see that the tribal boho style uses earthy colors a lot more than the gypsy boho style does. This results in their heritage of tribal cultures without much technology. 

Another big difference between those two is the use of fabrics. Whilst the tribal boho style uses natural fabrics due to its cultural influences, the gypsy boho style often incorporates different fabrics like lace, silk, or chiffon.

As you can see, whilst these two types of boho styles share lots of similarities, they still must be seen as two different ones. 

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Gypsy boho outfit ideas

Now that we’ve got to know everything important there is about this style, we will look at some outfits for you to get inspiration from. 

For men

For this outfit, you will need a patterned button-down shirt as a base layer. You will want to combine it with either jeans or some wide-leg pants. Additionally, you should add a leather jacket to give this outfit its gypsy look. 

For shoes, boots are a great choice as well as sneakers or loafers. To accessorize this outfit accordingly, choose sunglasses, a watch, a belt, and some earrings and coin necklaces. 

The man in this picture uses a patterned button-down shirt as a base layer. Also, he wears black pants and a leather jacket on top. He uses sunglasses as accessories.
Source: Freepik/cookie_studio

For women

The featured gypsy boho outfit requires a patterned jumpsuit as its base layer. You can layer it with a denimor leather jacket. Also, you can wear a sweater above if you get too cold. 

For shoes, some ballet flatsbootssandals, or espadrilles are great. As accessories, a fringed bag, sunglasses, self-made bracelets, a necklace, rings, or a hat will work great. Also, you can tighten your silhouette by using a belt

This woman wears a gypsy boho outfit. She wears a patterned jumpsuit and a denim jacket on top. As accessories she chooses a fringed bag, a hat, and a bracelet.
Source: Freepik/marymarkevich


As you can see from this article, the gypsy boho style has a prominent influence. It should not be mistaken with the tribal boho style and the heritage of the Romani people should be treated respectfully. With this style, you can create unique outfits.

If you found this article helpful and want to leave me some inspiration for the following posts, don’t hesitate to write me a comment. 

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