What is the natural classic style about?

A woman wears a natural classic outfit. She combines a wrap dress with beige and white stripes with a beige purse and holds purple flowers.

One type of classic style is the natural classic style. This aesthetic represents a different side of classic style, not following the rules of nowadays fashion. But what is the natural classic style about?

As a general rule, the natural classic style likes to incorporate natural fabrics like silk, wool, tweed, linen, or cotton into its outfits. It uses the same principles of timeless garments with tailored cuts and neutral colors but does it more naturally.

To get a good overview of this style and some tips on how to put together your outfits, read on!


The natural classic style grew from the architecture and design elements of the ancient Greek-inspired styles. Additionally, things like the Art crafts movement and different influences from nature-inspired styles helped natural classic style to where it is now. 

This style still follows classic style rules. Therefore, it lives on timeless designs and great sustainabilitywhich makes it popular in today’s fashion. 

In a society of fast fashion and the mindset of throwing away clothes, because we simply don’t like them, this style offers a breath of fresh air. 

So, let’s look at what makes the natural classic style special in today’s fashion.

Key elements of natural classic style

The natural classic style features so key elements that, whilst some are similar to other types of classic style, it will be unique mostly. For more information about other types of classic styles, check out my recent blog post. The bespoken key elements are:

A man leans against a wall. He wears a natural classic style outfit: A hat, a turtleneck sweater, a trench coat, and some tailored trousers.
Source: Freepik
  1. The most remarkable element of this style is its natural fabrics. Tweed, wool, cotton, silk, and linen are the most-used ones and are key elements in this style. 
  2. Along with neutral fabrics, natural colors are typical for this style. Colors like brown, forest green, navy, grey, or beige are not only easily combinable but also make the natural classic style what it is. 
  1. A feature, this style shares with most of the types of classic styles, is its timeless pieces.
  2. Additionally, they are very durable due to high-quality fabrics so you don’t feel the need to buy unnecessary amounts of clothes. 
  1. Also, this style features classic silhouettes. These silhouettes make it resistant to trends and other influences.
  2. Its simplicity makes natural classic clothes easily combinable as well. No fancy logos or anything else will determine what to combine your clothes with. Rather clean lines also contribute to a timeless and sophisticated look. 
  3. Lastly, this style uses natural but timeless accessories. Things like leather belts, pearl jewelry, purses, leather bracelets, and watches with leather straps are the most common ones. You can find more about them in this article about classic accessories.

Overall, these key elements make the natural classic style special in comparison to many others. Besides its natural elements, it still manages to look elegant and sophisticated

Find out where to shop for natural classic clothes in this article.

Natural classic clothes

The natural classic style offers some great clothes that will make you look sophisticated but also stand outfrom the mass. Even though men and women share similar clothes, the majority of them are different. Therefore, we will split this article up into clothes for men and women

A man sits on a rock and wears a jacket, jeans, boots, and a hat.
Source: Freepik


These are the clothes you will want to wear as a man: 

  • Dress shirts: Every man needs to own at least one basic button-down shirt. Colors like beige, white, navy, or gray will look great on you. Also, opt for cotton or linen as a fabric. 
  • Suit: For formal attire, a suit is the man’s best friend. Try to incorporate colors like navy, gray, or black. Also, this well-tailored suit should include fabrics like tweed, wool, or linen.
  • Sweaters: For the more casual occasion a wool or cashmere sweater is a great option. For colors, you will want to go for brown, navy, forest green, or grey. 
  • Trousers: Some well-tapered trousers of wool or cotton are a good choice. Again, you should opt for neutral colors like navy, grey, beige, black, or dark green. 
  • Dress shoes: For formal attire, black or brown dress shoes will be great.
  • Loafers or sneakers: If you want to stick to a more comfortable option, loafers or sneakers will be the go-to option. Don’t buy them in bold colors; you will be good to go.
  • Boots: Lastly for shoes, you will need some reliable boots if you are in nature. The classic Chelsea boot made out of leather will be a great option, as well as some other high-quality ones.
  • Trench coat or Overcoat: For some overwear, a trench coat or an overcoat made out of wool will be a good option. Again, opt for neutral colors.
  • Accessories: A leather belt, a watch, or a bag will be good options for a man to wear in this style. 

These are the most popular clothes for natural classic style. If you want to know more about elegant clothing for men, check out my article about the classic style for men


For women, the clothes are a little different:

A woman stands in a forest and wears the natural classic style: A leather jacket, a white skirt, and a white top.
Source: Freepik/Prostooleh
  • Blazer: Unlike men, women, that dress according to the natural classic style, will not wear a suit but rather a tweed, linen, or wool blazer. The natural colors remain the same though. Grey, black, beige, or navy are the most common ones.
  • Sweaters or cardigans: Sweaters and cardigans make great clothes for women. Typically, wool or cashmere are the fabrics you should opt for. Brown, gray, navy, or forest green will do a great job.
  • Shift dresses: A shift dress will not only fit almost any occasion but is the perfect choice for this particular style. For materials, cotton or silk will be perfect as well as neutral colors. 
  • Trousers: There are many options for trousers for this style. Well-tailored rather tight ones will work as well as wide-leg pants. 
  • Skirts: Not only trousers will work for this style but also skirts. A-line skirts, pencil skirts, and maxi- or midi skirts will all work just fine. Silk, cotton, wool, or cashmere will be great options as well as neutral colors. 
  • Pumps: Pumps are a great shoe for a rather formal occasion. Keep them simple!
  • Ballet flats and sneakers: Ballet flats and sneakers are also great shoes for this style. They shouldn’t stand out too much though.
  • Boots: As for men, boots will also look great on a woman. They should have a rather low heel and be brown or black.
  • Overcoat and trench coat: Similar to men, these two pieces of overwear will work for a natural classic style. 
  • Accessories: Great accessories are belts, bracelets, purses, or a watch.

These clothes make great outfits for women that wear classic natural styles. If you want to know more about classic style for women in general, check out my article about it

Differences between classic natural style and classic style

Natural classic styleClassic style
Natural fabrics like linen, wool, or cottonNo specific empathy on natural fabrics
Specific focus on sustainability No specific focus on sustainability
Natural color schemeMore wide range of colors and more bold ones
Can also contain a classic rather tight fit, but more loose-fit clothesClassic and rather tight fit
In general, more effortless and casual lookMore classic and formal appearance
Organic and natural accessories (leather)More wide range of accessories but no specific focus on natural materials


As a result of this article, you can see that the natural classic style is a more nature-based aesthetic, heavily inspired by the classic style. It creates elegant and sophisticated outfits but in a more free and casual way. Though you should mostly go with the classic style on a formal occasion, the natural classic style still offers some great options for men and women to dress accordingly.

If you found this article helpful and want to leave me some inspiration or feedback, don’t hesitate to write me a comment down below.

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