What is the tribal boho style about?

This woman wears the tribal boho style. She expresses it with linen pants, a knitted top, a cape with unique patterns, and a headscarf in matching patterns.

A type of boho style that likes to take this clothing a lot further is the tribal boho style. This style includes various elements you wouldn’t wear daily but will give you a unique look. But what is the tribal boho style about?

The tribal boho style is a type of boho style that likes to draw inspiration from other cultures. The clothing elements of these other, tribal cultures like Native Americans or Africans are combined with boho clothes to create a unique style.

This short description gives away the general idea of this style. In the following paragraphs, we will look at the tribal boho style in detail, discuss key elements and clothes as well as a guide on how to style it and some outfit inspiration. Also, we will compare the boho style and tribal boho style to exactly see the differences.


As the bohemian style emerged in the early 20th century, the tribal boho style started to rise with it. As the boho style got popular in the 1960s and 1970s throughout the hippie movements, tribal boho got popular too as a variation of the boho style. 

The mixture of the then-contemporary bohemian garments and cultural influences from past centuries drew attention to this type of boho style.

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The tribal boho style to this day remains to be rather popular in fashion and home décor. Especially with social media, this style is used in many popular posts and therefore remains popular.

Now, we will look at the key elements of this style to give you an overview of what makes this style special. Afterward, we will look at typical clothing for men and women

In general, The tribal boho style should be complemented with modern clothes to create outfits you can wear daily.

Key elements of the tribal boho style

This woman wears a netted top. Also, she wears some hot pants and neutral-colored shoes. As accessories, she wears a traditional necklace and a flower wrath.
Source: Freepik/halayalex

These characteristics of the tribal boho style will show you exactly what to look out for if you want to create your personal outfits.

  1. The most obvious characteristic of this style is the mixture of tribal, cultural styles and bohemian garments. We will look at the exact cultures that influence this style later.
  2. Natural fabrics are another key element. As the tribal cultures didn’t have advanced technology or fabricated materials, natural fabrics like wool, cotton, silk, or leather are very common when it comes to the tribal boho style.
  1. The tribal influence gets clear when we look at the patterns of this style. Ethnic and tribal patterns like geometric patterns, botanical prints, and tribal symbols are crucial to this style. 
  2. Another thing that tribal garments are known for is their detailing. Fringes, feathers, straps, embroidery, and many other details give you this natural look. Along with earthy colors like ivory, brown, and beige, this style is one of a kind. 
  1. A heritage from the bohemian style gives the tribal boho style flowy silhouettes. This not only shows the free-spirited and eclectic lifestyle but also represents freedom and a relaxed attitude. 
  2. Lastly, this style likes to feature unique accessories. Handcrafted jewelry, feathers, scarves, fringed bags, and hats are common accessories of this style. 

These characteristics define the tribal boho style. As we looked at the first and most important key element not in detail, we will now look at the cultural influences on this style.

Cultural influences on the tribal boho style

The woman in this picture wears a dress with flower patterns. As shoes, she chose sandals.
Source: Freepik

There are a couple of cultures that influenced the tribal boho style. The most famous one is the Native American culture. The original Indian tribes had some unique clothing that inspires this style. One famous element of this style is its feathers. 

Another culture the tribal boho style draws inspiration from is the African culture. The flowy silhouettes, patterns, and colors are the main details of this culture. The inspirations of this type of boho style reach out to various continents. Middle Eastern cultures also play a huge role in the tribal boho style. Some of the natural materials like kilim and patterns associated with this style are crucial influences. 

Reaching out to Asian cultures like Thailand and Indonesia, we can see several inspirations drawn from these cultures. Handcrafted accessories and flowy silhouettes are the main things here.

Lastly, the Middle- and South American cultures contribute to the tribal boho style. Their fabrics and colorful prints we will see in many outfits. As with any culture, we should respect their heritage and treat it nicely, not taking it too far with combinations and changes.

Tribal boho clothes

Now we will look at some tribal boho clothes. To get a more detailed overview, we will divide this paragraph into clothes for men and women.

For men

  • Long T-shirts
  • Embroidered T-shirts
  • Linen pants and shorts
  • Leather jackets
  • Ponchos
  • Baja Hoodies
  • Patterned shorts and pants
  • Patterned button-down shirts
  • Coats
  • Sandals
  • Espadrilles
  • Boots
This man wears a shirt with cultural patterns. He combines it with some jeans and neutral-colored shoes. As accessories, he wears a watch and bracelets.
Source: Freepik/ASphotofamily

For women

  • Wrap skirts
  • Maxi dresses
  • Jumpsuits
  • Ponchos
  • Patterned blouses and tops
  • Fringed vests
  • Kimonos
  • Wide-leg pants
  • Sandals
  • Boots
  • Moccasins
  • Ballet Flats

How to style the tribal boho style

With these pieces of information, we will now look at how to put together your tribal boho outfit. 

For this type of boho style, we will want to start with a wide-cut, flowy base layer. This is crucial to be able to combine it with other clothes from this style. When choosing this base layer, you will want to opt for easily combinable colors. Earthy tones or neutral colors will be perfect for this one. The base layer can also include patterns if you want it to. Also, you should look out for these natural fabrics to be of high quality as unwanted fringes can make your outfit look sloppy. 

After these steps, you can add another layer to create more texture. This second layer should match the first one in colors and patterns. If the base layer is rather colorful and patterned, the second one should be rather neutral and the other way around

After finishing your outfit, opt for some matching shoes to blend in with this style. If you are done, accessorize. Accessories like a feather, some bracelets, necklaces, earrings, a belt, or a hat are great to complement your outfit. You can even match your hairstyle with your outfits. 

Tribal boho style vs boho style

Tribal boho styleBoho style
Influences of many culturesIs inspired by bohemian culture 
More bright color schemeRather neutral and earthy colors
Eclectic prints and patternsNot that vibrant patterns
Cultural spiritFree-spirited eclectic aesthetic
Traditional clothes for each cultureMore modern and industrial-crafted clothes
More special accessoriesRather mainstream accessories

Tribal boho outfits

Now we will present you one tribal boho outfit for men and women to copy. We will start with the women this time.

For women

This tribal boho outfit shows a woman wearing an outfit inspired by Indian culture. For this outfit, you will need some typical Indian clothing like the presented dress with natural materials. Also, some sandals are great shoes for your tribal boho outfit. For accessories, you will want to go with typical ones like a feather, a bracelet, or a necklace

This outfit may be a little much for daily use but you can adapt it and pair some elements with more modern garments to make it work and look great. 

This woman wears a tribal boho outfit: She wears a dress associated with the culture of the Indians. Also, she wears some sandals with laces and bracelets and dream catchers.
Source: Freepik/Kireyonok_Yuliya

For men

For this outfit, you will need a poncho or a linen shirt as the main element. This base layer should have typical tribal boho patterns on it to give off the right aesthetic. You can complement this outfit with a classic unicolored T-shirt and some jeans or wide-leg pants. For shoes, bootssandals, and really any neutral shoe will work. If you want to accessorize this outfit accordingly, a hatsunglasses, and some bracelets are great. 

This man wears a tribal boho outfit: He chose a yellow T-shirt as his base layer. As another layer he wears a Scarf or poncho with geometrical patterns. Also, he wears jeans and has a guitar, a necklace, and a dream catcher as accessories.
Source: Freepik/master1305


As you can see from this article, the tribal boho style is a very unique type of boho style. As it represents many cultures, you will want to complement your outfits with modern clothes to make the traditional garments usable daily. 

If you found this article helpful and want to give me some inspiration, leave me a comment on what to write next.

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